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The following is taken straight from the canada goose coats balance discord, I went for the 2.46 version because it just feels better for canada goose outlet new york city me, also tried canada goose coats on sale 2.44 out (try to keep your sks on a certain value even while gearing up if possible, sometimes you might get away from it due to new non BiSgear that you take for the ilvl increase, but usually you can play around with melds to adjust):

BiS for Ultimate Coil of canada goose uk outlet BahamutWhat canada goose factory sale happens after you clear cheap canada goose uk something and the lockout is canada goose outlet toronto factory about to happen (because of the loot, especially my static usually talks through the loot after clearing savages especially the first few times per floor).

Did you all just super sonic speed looted with buy canada goose jacket a rule beforehand or canada goose outlet black cheap Canada Goose friday do you official canada goose outlet get a refreshed instance timer canada goose outlet nyc to be able to loot peacefully?

As said never happened since especially in progression we requeue in time Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet to prevent such things.

And of course furthermore congratulations of course!

But keep going and train tougher fights and optimize your canada goose uk black friday rotation (perhaps look up a guide and just train the opener constantly, it’s really not hard, just gotta know it).

It will canada goose canada goose outlet uk also help you knowing specific fights because then you can adjust your buff timings, know where you can use arms length (anti knockback skill) and other things.

Also if you stand before the pull somewhere close to before the boss would Aggro you, canada goose outlet online uk you can use elusive jump to get in melee range (or at least use sprint but especially in o5s it can come in handy at the beginning to have it up when the knockback ghost comes depending on your box locations).

I will give you a quick opener simulation

Elusive jump, canada goose Canada Goose Parka outlet uk buy canada goose jacket cheap sale heavy thrust, (pot if you use one), impulsive drive, blood of canada goose uk shop the dragon + battle litany (or dragons eye, I like BL first because durations line up but the meta rotation has eye first), goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet canada disembowel, blood for blood and dragons eye(or battle litany then), Canada Goose Coats On Sale Chaos trust, jump, fang and claw, Geirskogul + mirage dive, wheeling thrust, spine shatter canada goose outlet reviews dive, vorpal thrust, life surge + mirage dive, full canada 2018 canada goose goose canadian goose jacket factory outlet thrust, wheeling, fang and claw// and so on, when next jump comes up use canada goose store it, next GCD mirage dive + geirskogul (make sure your dragon timer is at least like 26) and next GCD then canada goose outlet parka nastrond (want to split them so you don’t triple weave and drag your GCD)

This is the basic opener, but else you can look up momos canada goose outlet shop guide, shouldn’t be too hard to find. 0 points submitted 1 month ago

A few things to keep in mind when comparing yourself against other ff loggers. Looking at it. You are 450 behind the average.

Firstly, food and potions? I assume canada goose outlet in usa you eating and https://www.canadagooseparkasoutlet.ca using the best for your tier + best potions correct? Otherwise that the easiest DPS gain you will see.

secondly, that fight had four deaths, a death prolongs the fight, a prolonged fight results Canada Goose Jackets in lower dps. In addition, it was the DRG that died a lot, meaning your damage suffered as a canada goose black friday sale result of not having a buff canada goose clearance sale so often. Canada Goose Online Look at canada goose outlet jackets this fight, it al most finished a minute sooner, had no canada goose jacket outlet deaths and had similar casts Canada Goose online but got canada goose outlet canada a higher parse.

finally, at this point, a lot of raiders have either hit their canada goose outlet store uk canada goose max ilevel canada goose outlet sale or canada goose outlet store uk even canada goose black friday sale got their BIS or as close as to it canada goose outlet online uk canada goose outlet as possible, which skews the results a bit.