57 inch) (cut power hole in this one) Back face = 4cm by 4cm (1

Bluetooth Door Lock Arduino

Recently I rewatched the Amazing SpiderMan, in one scene Peter Parker locks and unlocks his door from his desk using a remote. When I saw this I instantly canada goose outlet uk sale wanted my own for my door. After a bit of tinkering I got a working model. Heres how canada goose outlet reviews I made itFor this project we canada goose outlet shop will need canada goose clearance the canada goose store following:Soldering Iron Glue Gun Canada Goose sale Drill Drill Head buy canada goose jacket Drill Head for pilot hole Box Cutter Computer with arduino IDEStep 2: How It WorksThe idea is that I can easily lock canada goose factory outlet and unlock my door without having to carry a key or even go near canada goose outlet store uk it 😀 but this is only a fraction of what we can do. canada goose coats on sale When we are sure that the servo works we can add the bluetooth module. We will connect the rx pin on the bluetooth module to canada goose outlet toronto factory the tx pin on the Arduino and the tx pin on the bluetooth module canada goose to the rx pin on the Arduino But Canada Goose Coats On Sale don’t do this yet! while these connections are made nothing can be uploaded to the Arduino so make sure you upload the code before canada goose outlet store soldering.With canada goose jacket outlet this in canada goose outlet canada goose uk black friday mind this is how we wire the bluetooth module to Canada Goose Online the ArduinoRx pin on the bluetooth Canada Goose Outlet module connects to the Tx pin on the Arduino Tx pin on the bluetooth module canada goose outlet new york city connects to the Rx pin on the Arduino Vcc (positive) on the bluetooth module connects the 3.3v on the Arduino Ground goes to GroundIf any of canada goose outlet in usa this was confusing please follow the wires canada goose uk shop on the picture canada goose outlet online uk providedStep canada goose outlet canada 4: TestingNow that we have all the parts together lets make sure the servo is strong enough to push and pull the locking canada goose black friday sale mechanism Canada Goose online without a problem before I started designing the final concept I built a mock up canada goose black friday sale just to make sure my servo was strong enough, at first mine wasn’t so I added canada goose outlet online a tiny bit of oil on the sliding cheap Canada Goose mechanism which helped everything move smoothly. Its really crucial that everything moves smoothly or there is a chance you’ll get locked on or out of your room! :DStep 5: Electronics CasingI decided to leave my servo «exposed» and to only build a small cardboard case canada goose outlet jackets to Canada Goose Parka protect the arduino nano and Bluetooth module. We can build this uk canada goose outlet by tracing the Canada Goose Jackets around the arduino cheap canada goose nano onto a peice of canada goose outlet parka cardboard uk canada goose and add about 1 cm canada goose outlet sale (0,39 inch) of space onto each side now we have to cut out the other 5 sides of the rectangular cube. We also have to cut a hole on one of the faces for the power cord to connect to the arduino.The measurements for the case are:Bottom piece = 7.5cm by 4cm (2.95 by 1.57 inch) Top piece = 7.5cm by 4cm (2.95 by 1.57 inch) left piece = 7.5 cm by 4cm (2.95 by 1.57 inch) Right piece = 7.5 cm by 4cm (2.95 by 1.57 inch) Front face = 4cm by 4cm (1.57 by 1.57 inch) (cut power hole in this one) Back face = 4cm by 4cm (1.57 by 1.57 inch)Step 6: official canada https://www.topparka.ca goose outlet The AppSo to canada goose uk outlet lock and unlock the door we need a device running either android or windows with bluetooth builtin, Mac users i wasnt able to get this working on an iphone or a macbook pro buy canada goose jacket cheap I think there might be some driver canada goose clearance sale issues but im sure one of you can figure it out :D. If you’re installing on canada goose canada goose coats outlet nyc Android you will need canada goose factory sale to go to the play store and download and app called Bluetooth Terminal and for windows its called TeraTerm next we need to connect the hc 05 to our phone it should be called linvor and the password will be either 0000 or 1234. Once its paired open the app we just installed, click on options and tap canada goose outlet black friday connect goose outlet canada to device (insecure) now our cheap canada goose uk phone canadian goose jacket is basically simulating the arduino serial monitor which means we can see and send information coming from canada goose outlet uk the arduino.