A girl bolts by me, hand firmly grasped around her friend’s

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Few Ivorians know that there exists in their country, on the side of Tiassalé, a unique archaeological site in the world, dating from the Stone Age with vestige of village, tool polishing workshop and symbols
Spread over 120 hectares the site is dated from -2300 to -2150 million years before Christ, well before the Exodus of the Jewish people guided by Moses who it dates from 1400 before J-
People so advanced for the time that one found traces of sharpening of tools, striated monuments with artistic decoration and rocks with walls decorative, of time historians s’ agree that at the same time, around 2300 BC, in continental Europe, as in the Middle East, there is no trace of such advanced civilization. I therefore remain convinced that every effort has been made to reduce or hide the discovery of other sites of this type on the African continent, to introduce into the popular unconscious and the historical conscious accepted by the West, that our African civilizations have always lagged behind that of the
We can legitimately think that these people based in sub-Saharan Africa, very advanced peoples, were of race. The descendants of King Solomon, the Ethiopian Jews, the Falashas are of type
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