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replica handbags online 31) Telescope → Accessories in remote viewing objects. Tools 32) Gyroscope → Study of the dynamics of revolving objects
33) Gravimeter → Present oil in water < br> Detect the areas 34) Gramophone → On the record — Repeat the sound
W Defense equipment
35) Kaymograf →
blood pressure, study heartbeat
36) as Kaynescop →
television screen
37) calipers → small distances measuring instrument, 38) calorimeter → work of thermometer
39) carburetor → engine
a fixed
gasoline Part air transmitter — 40) compass → used for direction guidance 41) computator → electrodynamic instrument 42) apicyscope → opaque pictures of curtains Show on
43) Epidoscope →
Show pictures on screen in cinema 44) S Chiller → Moving
Mechanical Stairs
45) Exorometer → Vacuum of Airplane
46) Actiometer → Measurement of Sun Rays Intensity
Equipment 47) Aeromore → < load and density of gases, measuring instruments, 48) Accumulators, electrochemical collectors, 49) Ossilograph → Electricity or mechanical to indicate vibration. 50) Stethoscope → Heart < bronchial and lung speeds 51) Sphynnomannomite Blood in the arteries Know the intensity of BKA .. replica handbags online

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