And indeed, oneAustralia won the start by five seconds

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Replica Bags Wholesale Before the race was started in light northerly winds, the pundits were saying that John Bertrand and oneAustralia would make short work of Nippon and its supposedly weak after guard.And indeed, oneAustralia won the start by five seconds. But Nippon won the race by 1 minute, 6 seconds.Shortly after the start, with oneAustralia sailing on port tack to the right side of the course and Nippon sailing to the left, the wind shifted, Nippon tacked back and began to build a lead.Bertrand, making his first appearance in the America’s Cup trials since winning the cup from Dennis Conner in 1983, and oneAustralia were thought to be the hottest boat in the challenger field because of an easy win in the International America’s Cup Class world championships here last fall.But in light air yesterday, Nippon helmsman John Cutler and tactician Peter Evans played the wind shifts well and held off a pair of charges by oneAustralia.»The course set made it easy to push oneAustralia out to the edge of the course,» said Cutler, «and the way the wind was moving left later made it easy for us to sail away upwind.»Bertrand, however, said that an error by the race committee gave Nippon an unfair advantage.As both teams were entering the top of the first downwind leg, the race committee was still repositioning the downwind mark to compensate for an earlier wind shift.According to the race committee, the downwind mark was set off line and three quarters of a mile short of where it should have been.»The course was skewed by that,» Bertrand said. «And that made it awfully tough to come from behind. Replica Bags Wholesale

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