Asian sauces are runny because they do not use thickeners

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I am hopeless with wines, except that I always remember I like Rioja Proseco I have a cheat sheet of wines and different cheeses from my Dad that I use when I am doing something special. Ditto for beers all you Portlanders can lament: I only crave the McMenamin Ruby Ale. You can get a good ruby style ale anywhere.

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I was at dinner with friends tonight when someone brought up the news of Kelly’s passing. I told this story and Carol Diehl, who lived near Kelly, pointed out that the artist lived quite close to the newish multimillion dollar Norman Rockwell museum in upstate New York. That must have gnawed at his craw, putting the replica handbags china stake through the heart of the American Empire in his prime only to see the vampire blink and rise so many years later..

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Asian cuisine also use sauces in their food although not as much as the Western’s. Asian sauces are runny because they do not use thickeners, unlike sauce in Europe and America that are usually condensed. For thicker sauces, corn starch and arrowroot are used.

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