Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Christopher Marlowe was the first

Badass Gay: Colditz. Beehive Barrier: Part of Action Man’s standard equipment. Doctor X also uses one. Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Christopher Marlowe was the first Action Man, and Victor Hugo was a director of the Action Man program. Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing: Agent Gale is Doctor X. Black Boss Lady: Director Bestley, Action Man’s superior. Body Horror: The doorman’s flesh seems to be falling off his skeleton, and Professor Gangrene’s skin is green and mutilated. By «No», I Mean «Yes»: Ian explains to Mercy that he’s not eating alone, because that would be pathetic. See, he’s not actually eating. alone. Call Forward: At the end of issue 4, Doctor X is shown to be working with Storm Shadow, and mentions Baron Ironblood, as a lead in to the new Revolutionaries series. The Cameo: The female ninja working for Doctor X is revealed to be the new Storm Shadow. Car Fu: Well, more like Jet Ski Fu; to bypass the Governor’s Island security, Ian fills a jet ski with octaazacubane and crashes it into the building while somersaulting over the wall. Chekhov’s Skill: Early in issue 2, Ian is seen stealing a government employee’s ID card to get into the Action Man facilities. Later in the issue, Salmons realises that Ian’s stolen his ID card to get out of being confined to quarters. Clothes Make the Superman: Action Man’s power suit, which is somehow capable of providing air to a rebreather without an oxygen tank. Continuity Nod: Director Bestley mentions that Action Man is intended to operate in situations where a team like Joe Colton’s would be impractica. In issue 2, Ian has a poster of the Misfits on his wall. Multiple characters mention the Cybertronian invasion. In issue 4, Agent Gale namechecks Cobra, the Coil and the Machination. invokedCritical Research Failure: The Action Man Programme fails to discover that Colditz and the doorman were romantically involved. Despite both of them working for Agent Gale. Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Professor Gangrene, apparently, had his sense of humour surgically removed. Cynical Mentor: Agent Terrence Salmons, who’s putting Ian through Training from Hell partly out of belief that he didn’t deserve the Action Man role as much as Salmons did. Deadpan Snarker: Ian cracks a lot of jokes during mission briefings. Ian: «Ah. So I’m to subdue the tourists and Celine Outlet save the terrorists? Or vice versa?»

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replica celine bags Long Game: While the previous story had already established that the griffons had been planning the war for many years, Nox explains to Gilda that they’ve actually been planning it for centuries. Love Triangle: Anthea/Turquoise/Nidra is a core plot point. Which is complicated by the Orange Ring’s influence on Nidra, and Annie asking her to look out for T while she’s away. Mana Drain: The Orange ring allows Nidra to drain the magic of others, starting with her mother. My God, What Have I Done?: Twilight has a more subdued version of this when she realizes that she’s been using Anthea as a substitute to Starburst, to the point of referring to her as such during an argument when Annie decides to help fight the griffons. replica celine bags

Celine Replica handbags These people can be revived in a robotic suit. Eddie is the only person to survive the process with his sanity intact. Church Militant: While the original Peck takes a dislike to Eddie because of the profession of the man he is impersonating, the tenth generation Peck believes Eddie to be the spawn of Satan, given his revival from near death. When she makes a mistake, she punishes herself by whipping herself while naked and blindfolded. She dresses like a nun and believes that Father Lewis can do no wrong, despite him being an atheist pervert Celine Replica handbags.