Both the government Sudan People’s Liberation Army (the SPLA)

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# guarantee our VIP members to stand as Factory test performed…… If not… Both the government Sudan People’s Liberation Army (the SPLA) and their allies, and the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition (the «opposition») and their allies have fought with children. This report includes information about recruitment and use of child soldiers by, among others, the former rebel leader David Yau Yau, who has not fought in the recent conflict stella mccartney replica bag uk (but may do so if fighting continues), Johnson Olony who has fought on both the government and opposition sides in the recent conflict, and Matthew Puljang, who has helped the government control much of Unity state. In Unity state, the opposition commanders Peter Gadet and James Koang and his deputy Makal Kuol have used child soldiers as bodyguards or led them in battles.. Stella McCartney Handbags

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