Husband hurry up fast

on mobile

She knew when to keep her mouth shut. When celebrities arrived in town, they told their handlers to ring up Miss Jade. Some her famous clients included Maria Callas, Ethel Kennedy, Gloria Vanderbilt, Lili Pons, and Lady Furness, the Mistress of King Edward VIII..

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Wife: Sensun Miley is the one who gives me mobile phones

Husband: — I give two minutes to love.

Husband hurry up fast

on mobile….

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The New Ambassador of the United States to Ghana Robert Jackson did not expect that he would live when he went to meet as is customary, for new diplomats accredited in Ghana, the king of Ashantis Nana Osei Tutu; He described him in the press before the meeting of extremely cultivated and that is saying little; Nana Osei Tutu graduated in language from the Public University of Legon in Ghana, and is a Polytechnician trained in Kilburn Grande. Our ambassador therefore expected to be received with the honors and privileges due to his rank, but that it was not his unpleasant surprise, although displaying a frozen diplomatic smile, to have to submit to the protocol in the pure Akan tradition, quasi military for any visitor who wants to meet a king of this rank:

— an hour of waiting in an anti-chamber, alone in front of two naked torso warriors, who scrutinized him from head to foot, just to sound the intentions of the visitors to the king’s side,
— a tedious questionnaire conducted for another half an hour by the cane holder of the king to inquire the exact reasons for the visit,
— and finally our ambassador had to address the interpreters who translated in twi (ashanti language) for the words of the king, who tran smug the message to the door cane, for the king, then back to the sender with the same
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