Brainwashed and Crazy: Havok during part of the Inferno

The Beatles were often high during or in the near vicinity of creative endeavors. They used stimulants while they were in Hamburg so they could stay awake during ridiculously long sets, and occasionally dabbled in other substances (including a couple of brushes with pot). After Bob Dylan offered the four of them pot under the mistaken notion that they were regular users (due to a Mondegreen of all things.), they started smoking it incessantly. By all accounts they were constantly stoned while filming Help!!. In the spring of 1965 John and George were introduced to acid by their dentist, who spiked their coffee with the stuff one night, an incident memorialized in the song «Doctor Robert»; Ringo followed shortly thereafter. By their second trip to America, they were fairly regular trippers (there’s a famous story about how Peter Fonda ruined their trip at a party they were throwing at their rental house in LA, which got turned into «She Said She Said» on Revolver). Paul also took it up, but not until around «Sgt. Pepper,» and he gave it up right before telling the press he used to take it. John in particular loved LSD (he admitted to having written «I Am The Walrus» at least partially on two separate acid trips). At least two of Paul’s songs («Got To Get You Into My Life» and «Fixing a Hole») are most definitely about pot the former by Paul’s admission, the latter because it’s obvious; and odds are, any song from that era by Paul that looks like it’s about pot is.

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