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22 July 2017

A place to discuss the sport of Powerlifting and the training of the lifts.

A place to post theory, canada goose outlet new york city discussion and information that will make us canada goose outlet nyc better lifters.

A place where mods WILL delete any post we feel is not a good fit, regardless of any canada goose outlet online uk sidebar or FAQ statements. A canada goose outlet canada post doesn have to violate a rule to not meet our criteria.

What /r/powerlifting canada goose store isn is not a canada goose outlet toronto factory place for questions that can be answered via a canada goose uk black friday quick google search.

This is not a place canada goose outlet online for memes or rants. It turned into him buy canada goose jacket being an elitist dick to me because I don have that canada goose outlet store thing that measures the speed of lifts and haven competed.

Thankfully he is the only one who canada goose outlet in Canada Goose Outlet usa has been like that. I think he was trying to be Canada Goose sale the harsh truth canada goose but he came off as a massive dick. uk canada goose I at least canada goose outlet store uk know who to avoid now.

Also was dumped by my girlfriend just canada goose outlet parka the other day. Instead of going into self destruct mode I official canada goose outlet actually wanna continue to take care of canada goose coats myself. Actually more motivated to do so now. canada goose outlet black friday Canada Goose Parka In the end competitions are against yourself, always trying to beat your last record and Canada Goose Online other in your weight class. While I buy canada goose jacket cheap don care if people outlift me, why should I spend a lot of money canada goose outlet uk on doing the last part?

I want to compete, sure, but it hasn panned out for me (cause life and shit) and it not a top priority to spend that much money on.

And sure the gym is canada goose jacket outlet fucking expensive, but I also can talk to people who lift big canada goose uk shop fucking weights who know how to help with form and spot properly and I have access to competition canadian goose jacket benches (benching with an arch on a pleather bench is near impossible for me), bars, squat racks and atlas stones and a yoke and I don have to deal the standard gym assholes the people who go to a commercial gym have to.

Big arch = Reduced ROM = Less time under tension/stimulus = Less gains

Only worry about a perfect arch in comp or when practising comp style singles.

Sorry, that all a load of crap.

Practicing your competition technique in training is how canada goose online store you get better at it. And you still get more than sufficient stimulus when benching with an arch to. I been training with a local canada goose black friday sale coach canada goose outlet reviews (who been incredibly helpful) for about 2 years, and I considering stopping working with him just because of some difficulties I been having with him lately and because I like to take control over my own training. I 20 y/o, 5 165 uk canada goose outlet lbs, and my numbers are about 340/185/440. I looking into doing some GZCL program (maybe JnT 2.0) or a Sheiko program, but I having trouble deciding canada goose coats on sale between the two. Any thoughts?

Things that may be worthwhile to note: 1) I never really done my own programming before; 2) my goals are currently not very PL specific and instead are canada goose factory outlet related to just moving my numbers up cheap canada goose uk (especially on bench) and building muscle mass. I Canada Goose online do have certain S/B/D canada goose outlet jackets numbers in canada goose clearance sale mind, but bringing those canada goose uk outlet numbers into competition isn currently a huge focus of mine.

Thanks for whatever canada goose outlet uk sale advice you can offer!Hey canada goose black friday sale guys. My first meet is two weeks from today, I a little nervous. I do have one question though.

I been running a 5/3/1 since march, and next week is my 5/3/1+ week. Since next week is 2 Canada Goose Coats On Sale weeks out, should I finish this cycle of my training or do something else? I never done a mock meet, so should I forgo the last week of this cycle and do a mock meet instead? I have a solid idea of what my attempts are going to be, but I don don know if a mock meet or one more week of training will be more beneficial in finding cheap Canada Goose my specific attempts. The week leading up to my competition will be a deload either way.

They feel pretty good and my goose outlet canada untrained eye can notice anything hideously wrong with them, so I hoping you all can point out issues that I may canada goose factory sale have missed. I know in previous form checks, I was told that my heels were rising and so I should try canada goose outlet and shift my weight back more. Have I fixed that?

Actually, one issue is that in the back view (third video), it almost looks canada goose outlet shop like my ankles are caving inwards. But I don feel anything in that area, so canada goose clearance I not sure if it just because of the Canada Goose Jackets weird camera angle or if it an canada goose outlet sale actual problem I should address.