DefinitionsWe defined adherence (or compliance) as a

Each patient gave informed consent regarding the use of the container.DefinitionsWe defined adherence (or compliance) as a dimensionless, blanket term encompassing the extent to which patients’ drug dosing histories conform, or not, to their corresponding prescribed drug dosing regimen. Adherence can be broken into two main components18: persistence is the length of time during which the medication is taken that is, the time from the first taken dose to the last taken dose; and execution is the multidimensional outcome of the comparison of two time series: the prescribed drug dosing regimen and the patient’s drug dosing history while he or she is still engaged with treatment.Statistical methodsEach individual’s dosing history can be visualised by using a chronology plot that displays the time of each putative dose (each opening and closing of the monitored container) on a scatter plot of time of opening (24 hour clock) and calendar date. The chronology plot shows, for each patient separately, the different aspects of a patient’s dosing history: non persistence, variability in time of drug intake, delayed doses, single or sequentially missed multiple doses that is, drug holidays, and extra doses.Summarising this multidimensional information across a population is a challenge and depends in part on whether one takes the perspective of a group or an individual patient.19 One salient aspect of a group’s adherence can be described by plotting the proportion of patients who took their medications at least once during each consecutive day.

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