Doukoure, President UFPDCI and Secretaries General Sections of

The heat shield has done its job, the MSL spacecraft should have slowed to around 400m/s. With the rover still encased in the shell of the heat shield, the parachute deploys to slow the descent down even further. Parachutes have a proven track record on Mars most recently with the Phoenix mission.

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Mr. Bernard BASSY-KOFFI, Departmental Delegate of the PDCI-RDA of Bouaflé 1 met this day, the distinguished traditional chiefs Ayaou in the presence of the Chief Canton Nanan N’dri Before anything, he expressed the greetings of their brother Diby KOFFI Charles and his thanks for the unwavering support they have constantly given him On the menu of this important meeting attended by the Permanent, Mrs. Doukoure, President UFPDCI and Secretaries General Sections of his Delegation, Mr. Hermes Belt Replica

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