Entrees range from $15 (Fish and Chips) to $29 (Porterhouse

It official. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. EST UPDATE: Democrat Hillary Clinton has called Republican Donald Trump to concede the 2016 presidential election. Many point to the right handedness of Subban and Kris Letang, the Pittsburgh Penguins puck mover about to play for a Stanley Cup, as a main reason for their exclusion. Weber, Burns, Pietrangelo and Doughty are all righties, leaving three spots for left shooting enough. Weber inclusion over Subban, however, is the puzzling part.

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Owner James Frackowiak said he fell behind in paying his taxes. He called it an «embarrassing oversight» that he takes full responsibility for. He said he plans to pay the state back and hopes to reopen the business soon. Nil nil draws are the black sheep of the football family. You can’t be too proud of them because it’s not a win, but neither is it a total let down because the opposition haven’t managed to score against you. They have most of what it takes to make a game, but there is one vital ingredient missing..

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PUEBLA, Mexico New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was greeted like a rock star on the final day of his trade mission to Mexico. But the three day trip is unlikely to change perceptions that the Republican governor needs to establish his foreign policy credentials before he jumps into a potential presidential run..

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