EXPO CHICAGO is still a young fair by any account

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Brown’s 10 year old son Jordyn was home alone when the tornado barreled through. He saw the swirling black funnel cloud heading toward their backyard. He ducked in a closet, holding tightly to their two 50 plus pound dogs beneath a blanket. «There is a palpable buzz in the air around EXPO this year,» gallery owner Monique Meloche reported in the run up to the fourth edition of EXPO CHICAGO, The International Exposition of Contemporary Modern Art, which takes place on Navy Pier, September 17 20, 2015. EXPO CHICAGO is still a young fair by any account, but within Replica Bags just four years has managed to establish itself as a prominent contender within the international art fair circuit, and has catalyzed the art community of Chicago behind it. Together with the fair, Chicago’s galleries, institutions, schools, and artists join high quality replica handbags together for a Designer Fake Bags knockout week in September..

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