For any of you asking, it happens when your brain needs energy

Anon falls asleep

Writing the canada goose outlet sale punchline in the post canada goose store title is a bannable offense and you will not be given a second chance. For any of you asking, it happens when your brain needs energy to do major repairs or Canada Goose Online rehabilitation in your body, Canada Goose Jackets therefore buy canada goose jacket cheap it diverts the energy you would usually use to dream in order to do those things. They only usually happen when you’re having canada goose outlet nyc a growth spurt as a kid or when you’re brain needs a shit ton of rest after a long day.

Edit: To add on, dreams are what make your brain realize that you Canada Goose Parka are sleeping. Even if you claim not to dream, you still go through REM (a phase of sleep). uk canada goose outlet You canada goose uk black friday were already sleeping when you heard that voice.

I had a Canada Goose Coats On Sale similar but weirder experience when I was around 27. Go canada goose outlet to canada goose uk outlet bed, try canada goose jacket uk canada goose outlet to sleep, blink my eyes. When I canada goose outlet online uk reopen them, the light is on, and a man is in front of my room door, looking at me. I scared as fuck, ask who he is canada goose clearance and how he got here, he proceeds to tell me he a magician, I say I don believe him. He says that, being a magician, he can disappear as canada goose clearance sale well, snaps his fingers, the room is dark again, no one in sight. Still scared as fuck.

Clearly, I was sleeping while this happened, canada goose outlet canada on the fast route canada goose outlet toronto factory to REM, so fast that I started dreaming while my mind was still connected to reality and my canada goose outlet store body movements canada goose weren inhibited yet, which is something that happens when you dream. So, when canada goose outlet new york city he snapped his fingers, I was in the exact sane canadian goose jacket position of the dream, but goose outlet canada of course nobody was there. It’s only happened to me canada goose outlet jackets once ever when I was little. I remember I felt like canada goose outlet uk I was tossing and turning so much at first that I cheap Canada Goose was up all night (which wouldn’t have really been possible I was maybe 6 at the time and had no idea what staying up all night was like) I remember finally feeling like I was asleep, and then immediately my mom turns on my light to wake me up. I canada goose outlet online was distraught. I freaked out and told her I needed to sleep because I didn’t sleep for a moment and it was still the night. It was not. 10 I guess?

I put my Canada Goose online head back, figured I should try and sleep. closed eyes. opened eyes and it was morning. I didn feel any sensation of having to wake up either, it truly felt like I went from wide awake to wide awake in a second or two but with about 5 hours passing.

It was surreal and I had a weird moment canada goose outlet reviews of canada goose outlet shop panic as a child, I tried to explain to my buy canada goose jacket dad what just happened and he completely dismissed it (why wouldn he?) and I remember being a little freaked out for the day.

Actually I still similarly have this as an adult. I fall asleep fast, sleep very soundly and deeply, and morning comes very quickly. It’s not as extreme by any means as that time I was a kid. But it’s why I hate going to bed and stay up too late. Because going to bed makes work come right away. My husband on the other hand wakes cheap Canada Goose Parkas up like 4 times in the night canada goose coats to pee etc and he loves going to bed and looks forward to it. I think he’s crazy. Sleep for me is just a time warp to work which steals 8 hours from me and makes me go to work immediately. Maybe a night’s sleep canada goose factory sale feels like 8 hours to him. I’ve talked to my doctor about, he’s referred me to others, canada goose outlet black friday but it’s always canada goose outlet store uk just «try to relax when you sleep», as if that’s canada goose outlet in usa not Canada Goose Outlet what I’m already doing.

Once or twice a month I’ll be lying in bed, close canada goose outlet parka my eyes official canada goose outlet for a second, open them, and my canada goose uk shop alarm is blaring, 8 hours gone in a second. What happens more often (twice a week) is that it’ll feel like 45 minutes of canada goose black friday sale sleep in the course Canada Goose sale of 8 hours. I’m at a point where I’m just sick of it, and my weekly schedule is something like: one night of good sleep (10 12 hours, being drunk helps), three nights of 4 canada goose factory outlet cheap canada goose uk hours of sleep, two nights of taking a nap (if 8 hours is gonna feel like an hour, I might as well just sleep an hour), and an all nighter when I have a chill day the next day. It’s seriously the worst. My relationships + work are very inconsistent and rough at times, canada goose outlet uk sale since some days I’m me, others I’m nearly hallucinating. Convinced I’m gonna die at canada goose coats on sale 40 canada goose black friday sale.