From a bathing suit cover up to a belt for jeans or a classy

Forever 21 recently released a range of by The Studio Caleidoscope that they describe as pair of genuine leather sandals featuring a tribal inspired embroidered upper, a toe ring strap construction, and a flat heel. Dust bag included. These sandals look a lot like a regular kohlapuri available at Liberty or Uzma Centre for around Rs 500, compared to the $48 dollar version on the website.

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Use a little when the amount of the object or less are enough little but according to your requirement.
in simpler terms, we can say that:
* lITTLE = not much / almost nothing / not enough *
* a lITTLE = some / a small amount / good enough *
Let’s understand the difference with some examples:

There was little time given to take the decision. No time is (Here the use of the little word indicates that the time given was not enough to make the decision.)

He gave me a little time to take the decision.A. Designer Fake Bags

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