Heywood Brothers of Gardner

Answer: Founded in 1826, Heywood Brothers of Gardner, Mass., originally made wooden chairs and the Wakefield Co. Was established in 1855 as an importer of rattan from the Orient. The companies, eventually prominent producers of wicker and rattan furniture, merged in 1897 as Heywood Brothers Wakefield Co., a name changed to Heywood Wakefield Co.

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Kitchenware Worried about a fire. Always worried about something burning, something shorting out. You never know what going to happen, said Jim Rofulowitz of Southampton. McMath secondary Grade 11 student Kai Costerd isn’t your average 16 year old. He’s been collecting Christmas village scenes since he was 10 and spends a month setting his display in his Steveston living room, which, along with other Christmas decorations, comes to life at the flick of a switch, Below, Kai’s drive in movie theatre and fairground. Photos by Alan Campbell/Richmond News Alan Campbell/Richmond News. Kitchenware

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