Hold back the truth, don’t give too much away, surely there’s

Corruption and Injustice

And everyone who does not actively and tirelessly oppose the abominable treatment and disrespect of women the world over is responsible. Which pretty much means all of us.The Delhi rapists needed to have the support of canada goose outlet store quebec society canada goose outlet vancouver in general (in their minds) in order to do what they did. They needed to believe that it was okay. Everyone hates each canada goose outlet in usa other, based on religious sect, region of origin, language, class or gender. Being all ‘Muslim’ was not enough to bind them (must I say ‘us’?) all together in brotherly patriotism. The great British masterplan has failed (or has it?) our Islam was not strong enough to make us One, to share any rational self interest that could take us forward for the common good, like canada goose outlet in montreal any other country. (Dammit Canada Goose Outlet why am I saying ‘us’; I mean ‘them’.)Pakistan a land completely without Love. just the canada goose outlet toronto factory forbidden and immoral ‘romantic love’ which spellbinds all in the Indian canada goose outlet seattle movies, but any other kind of canada goose uk site Love ‘Love they neighbour’; ‘Love the socially inferior’; ‘Love thy enemy’ (LOL! Not a chance!). only family love but it’s not unconditional; there are heavy strings attached. Only if you surrender canada goose outlet store uk your happiness to self destructive bloody minded miserable first cousin marrying barbarity. Then they’ll love you. not her. She must suffer for the audacity of her existence. Imagine being trained to lie from birth, so that it becomes normal, natural, your first response. Addicts of lying, even when it doesn’t make sense. Hold back the truth, don’t give too much away, surely there’s some profit to be made in the lie.Pakistan land without compassion. Someone dying in the street? Being raped? There’s nothing we can do. Why else would they come out? Bargain for canada goose outlet hong kong our release the rate keeps going up. what’s that? Must be something to do with white canada goose outlet washington dc people, not us. The country? The people? The government? it’s obvious yourselves. What do you fear the most? Peace with India! After 60 years, we still haven’t managed that. But why? Oh, I see, if there’s peace with India, there’s no need for an ISI it’s simple self preservation. I get it. So canada goose outlet houston you lie, deceive, cheat, kill, embarrass, shame, confuse, twist and lie some more everything you can to keep India angry, enrage the world, canada goose outlet miami justify the nukes and preserve your miserable existence. doesn’t want to hate us, you stupid bastards. You make it so. You make it impossible for peace, with your constant harassment, your plotting, your murder. You are genetically defective in bred savages. You wish you could live in the West, have an apartment of your own and date Jennifer Aniston, but you can’t so you’re overcome with destructive, bloody minded jealousy. You think your sunglasses make you look cool, but you’re an evolutionary dead end.The canada goose outlet toronto location ISI heavily canada goose outlet 80 off developed, funded (and now deeply entrenched) as a result of the critical need to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan is the problem.The ISI is actually an enemy of the country, the people and even the Government (such as it is). The ISI’s prime objective is canada goose outlet michigan to preserve its own existence, by blocking peace with India and maintaining a state of maximum tension with canada goose outlet in vancouver all parties. It achieves this through terrorism, murder, lies, deceit and betrayal. The ISI is the single most destructive element in Pakistan today, causing incalculable misery to canada goose outlet factory the country, its people and, indeed, to its neighbours and even Western countries. The ISI is a cancer which has grown and embedded itself unchallenged.There’s canada goose womens outlet no need to contemplate a full scale invasion of Pakistan that would just be catastrophic. A never ending spiral of global misery would result.But, like a cancer surgeon, you must take decisive and courageous action. At the same time, neutralise all Pakistani nuclear weapons. Act swiftly and decisively, and the entire operation can be over in a matter of hours. Peace with India can become a real possibility it’s a natural equilibrium state which the ISI has worked ferociously and tirelessly and savagely to prevent.But one day I look forward to being able https://www.canadagoosejacket-outlet.ca to travel freely between and India, my brothers and sisters each side, as if there was no border.

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