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Great canada goose outlet reviews picture. I was lucky enough to get to the Marlboro insane asylum a couple times (twice at night and twice at day) canada goose jacket outlet before it canada goose outlet nyc was torn down. It was a surreal experience, the property was huge and there were several large buildings all canada goose outlet uk Canada Goose Parka sale connected by underground tunnels. Truly felt like being in a Resident evil game. There was also a church on premise. I actually Canada Goose Outlet took back a painting of the property that I found in the canada uk canada goose goose outlet jackets basement. It’s incredible canada goose coats to think that a patient could have painted it, but obviously there is no way to know this for sure.

People should dislike videos if they are misleading, not because they dont like them. For example Justin Bieber songs where constantly disliked by trolls just because. The video Canada Goose Coats On Sale in itself is Canada Goose Online not bad or misleading, just some people hate the person in it.

Another example is companies that would get haydar-furniture.com their videos disliked by hatter. For example apple.

Edit: Missed the part where OP speaks about comments, not the videos, but leaving my comment as it is cause discussion has sparked so canada goose outlet uk might as well continue it.

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In high school I looked like a thug, dressed like a thug, hung with thugs, came from a rough background, but I always for the most part buy canada goose jacket been a kind hearted person. Anything bad I did was never malicious to anyone innocent canada goose factory sale or canada goose outlet black friday anything, for the canada goose outlet canada most part (I bullied a couple times in elementary which still kill me to this day). In some classes I could be a class clown, canada goose outlet store uk but otherwise was canada goose uk shop never really disruptive. Just quiet and usually tired and bored.

In one class, I think it was canada goose outlet in usa English, the teacher Canada Goose Jackets asked me a question about the book we were reading and I gave a pretty detailed answer. I was usually canada goose clearance just quiet and hoped the class would fly by.

A canada goose factory outlet girl I considered a canada goose black friday sale school friend said canada goose outlet new york city «oh damn, he actually smart?!» and a couple people giggled.

She had and has no idea how that impacted me. It really canada goose black friday sale cemented the idea of judging people, and it made me a better person because I decided I would never canada goose outlet want to make someone feel that way just because of how they talked or dressed or their background.

It also buy canada goose jacket cheap taught me about people being friendly Canada Goose sale to your face, but harboring negative thoughts about canada goose outlet shop you.

We remained friendly, but after that goose outlet canada cheap canada goose uk I never canada goose outlet online really cared and we just became acquaintances. I think canada goose outlet parka we may be facebook friends, but I never really canada goose outlet store interact canada goose with her.

That small moment meant a lot and helped me grow as a person, as much as it bothered me at the time. I will never judge someone intellect based on fashion or accent or background. 3 points submitted 8 days ago

Eh, I have family in Canada Goose online Mexico, I think a lot of it is media sensationalism. There crime in every major city. I think it not dramatically worse than some of the big Midwest cities or parts of Houston: dylansesco49ers

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I think what people are scared of is cartels getting involved, not just random crime. tell him he cant sing, do fashion, etc. he gonna do it. he literally tweeted some canada goose outlet toronto factory shit about controversy 2 days ago. He loves this shit and ultimately, he pretty much always been self serving. also yall need to shut up with canada goose outlet online uk this mental disease stuff; yall dont know enough about the subject matter, and only know the side of kanye he broadcasts to the public

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First of all, I didn say cheap Canada Goose how I felt at all. This was canada goose store answering his question of why www.haydar-furniture.com people were all up in arms.

I have ALWAYS been critical of Kanye and thought he was canada goose uk outlet bullshitting a lot. I canadian goose jacket was immature and canada goose outlet sale young canada goose coats on sale so I thought Kanye was a square and I kept listening to my hard shit. It wasn til later that canada goose uk black friday I appreciated what he had done. I official canada goose outlet still always thought he was an attention whore and crybaby in a lot of ways.

I been around many people with mental issues like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and a lot of what he does and says is reminiscent of that, that why I say that. It no canada goose clearance sale secret he was «hospitalized» and came out with almost zero personality for a while and went into hiding. This isn uk canada goose outlet just a hail mary pass, I strongly believe there is something there.