I agree that the people of Alabama should decide

How do you feel about Trumps most recent statement regarding the upcoming Alabama election

I agree with Trump that we don need a liberal from Alabama.I agree that the people of Alabama should decide, whether they believe Moore, whether canada goose outlet new york city they don and whether they want to write in a candidate other canadian goose jacket than Moore.I agree canada goose outlet that a lot about the principle accuser is fishy, such as the only «evidence» other than he said she said is a yearbook signed during Christmas in 2 colors goose outlet canada of ink that Gloria Allred won allow for independent examination.If only we had canada goose uk shop canada goose black friday sale some irrefutable canada goose black friday sale evidence one way or the other, like a picture of Moore grabbing at the accuser breasts to corroborate her accusations. canada goose outlet store uk This is good buy canada goose jacket cheap a time as any to remind people that trumps ex wife claimed that he raped canada goose uk black friday her after his scrubsuniforms scalp surgery.Add to that you don’t have any evidence of buy canada goose jacket sexual canada goose factory sale assault and possibly not even harassment uk canada goose with franken as the only evidence with him is a picture of him grabbing body armor. Can we please use the same level of evidence with trump?We should listen cheap canada goose uk to both sides, is someone not allowed to defend themselves?Why is canada goose outlet reviews Trump going to bat for Moore but denouncing canada goose clearance all the other people who were accused? Is there something different about Moore situation that makes it easier to doubt his accusers canada goose store compared canada goose factory outlet to, say, Al Franken? canada goose outlet jackets Or Harvey Weinstein?Basically, Trump is saying that we should listen to Moore side of canada goose outlet in usa the story. He didn say we should listen canada goose outlet uk sale to the then teenage women who Moore molested. The Canada Goose sale implication is that Trump trusts Moore over the women who canada goose outlet canada accused him.This isn really a «wait and see» kind of situation. We have all the evidence that is going to exist against Moore (multiple first hand accounts of the people he took advantage of, second hand accounts from friends and colleagues who saw Moore being creepy over the years, year book signature linking him to the accuser, etc.). Here Sarah Sanders:The canada goose outlet store president said in his statement earlier this week that if the allegations are true then Roy Moore should step aside. He still firmly believes that.Today, Trump didn call for Moore to step canada goose uk outlet aside. canada goose outlet canada goose coats on sale online He did, however, say that Moore opponent should not be elected. And he said that we should canada goose outlet shop «listen» to Moore side of the canada goose clearance sale story.Do you see why that would make me assume that Trump thinks Moore is innocent?Alright, let me canada goose jacket outlet ask this: do you canada goose outlet online uk personally believe that canada goose outlet parka Moore is innocent? Would you vote for him if the election was held right now in canada goose coats your state? What do you think about all Canada Goose Online the other Republicans, Democrats, canada goose outlet sale and even Trump family who have come out against Moore? At the very least, they canada goose Canada Goose Outlet outlet uk uk canada goose outlet are saying that we shouldn risk canada goose outlet toronto factory electing a pedophile and that we have no reason to doubt his accusers.Does Trump have a Canada Goose Coats On Sale reason? He hasn said Canada Goose online otherwise.(And for the record, Trump immediately tweeted about Franken when that story broke denouncing him completely. He said nothing about «giving him a chance for due process.»)Let use an analogy. Suppose you own a Canada Goose Jackets computer store. Someone comes in looking for Canada Goose Parka a computer, and they either want a MacBook or a Windows PC. They want this computer purely for gaming.Then canada cheap Canada Goose goose outlet black friday suppose the store owner tells the customer, «You don need a MacBook» and «the MacBook is slower and has worst graphics». The customer remarks that a magazine he read criticized Windows for getting viruses. The owner says «Well, canada Canada Goose Outlet Store goose outlet nyc we don really know. canada goose And official canada goose outlet Windows denies these allegations.».