I bet Cartier Panthere could work

Which Prime Minister of Nepal is currently dead?

Sushil Koirala
6. What is the maximum amount of transactions required by the PAN card? — Two lakh rupees 7. Where is the Kalinganagar Steel Plant located?

Bhubaneswar 8 Which of these two countries was organized between the Americas 2016?

India and Seychelles

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World Intellectual Property Organization Headquarters-Geneva, Switzerland

CEO — Francis Guerrre

India’s last year Ranking- 141

Top Three Countries — Iceland, New Zealand and Portugal.

Head of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) — Sydney, Australia.
President — Steve Castle

India’s last year’s ranking — 118

> Top three countries — Norway, Denmark and Iceland

UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Headquarters — New York, USA

Director — Geoffrey Sachs

India’s last year Ranking-107

Top Three Countries — Switzerland, LuckZimbabwe and the United Kingdom Fake Handbags.