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Personally I think jomers is shooting themselves in the foot with their low prices since they never gain any respect from the fashion community this way. Subconsciously, when we get too good of a deal we think there must be something wrong or sketchy here. I certainly am thinking that myself but maybe jomers is going for the Amazon model (no margins and high volume)? Who knows? Who cares?.

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buy canada goose jacket I think best thing to do at this stage is to just be kind and positive towards OP and and her cousin. Show that we’re not all just assuming the worst of each other and judging each other and canada goose outlet eu calling each other out. IMO his canada goose outlet edmonton friends did a great thing dropping canada goose outlet online everything and flying out to him, to me it seems they really care a lot about him and none of us can know for sure whether OP got permission or not so maybe not calling her out based on a guess.. buy canada goose jacket

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