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ecokummNew canada goose outlet in usa Londo was an inside job

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In all seriousness, the FO3 thing had started as a rather weasely move from me canada goose outlet canada to steal some time canada goose uk outlet for gaming, and ended up being a great opportunity for bonding. canada goose uk black friday We also would canada goose factory outlet choose outfits and we spent a ridiculous amount canada goose black friday sale canada goose outlet new york city of time decorating the Megaton house canada goose clearance sale (I even got a mod just to add even more crap to decorate with). Hell, we even got a mod to dress up the dog 😀

Needless to say, having her control the mouse canada goose outlet online uk wasn the best way to make any «serious» progress, but the times canada goose outlet black friday we played like that are the best memories I canada goose store have of that game. With her being 15 years old now and having a pretty busy social life (plus only seeing her on weekends and vacations because divorces gonna divorce), I really miss sharing those moments. We do have some great moments together still doing other canada goose outlet uk canada goose reviews things, but gaming together like Canada Goose Online that ended up as an canada goose clearance canada goose outlet shop awesome memory I probably take to my grave.

So I guess what I saying is: enjoy it!

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There canada goose coats are a couple ladders where sliding down them causes you to fall through the world (the only one I can think Cheap Canada Goose Sale of off the top of my head is the one you climb up after the room with the three rats after you go under the hellkite drake bridge). It also shortens your jump distance, not to the point of making any important jumps impossible but they do require a canada goose coats on sale bit more accuracy. It also makes it difficult to traverse certain bits canada goose outlet online of scenery and your character can get stuck (for example, the pillar you jump onto to get to Undead Asylum has a spot in the middle that your character for whatever reason can walk past at 60 fps, though you can get through it by rolling, and there are a couple spots in Lost Izaleth where I seen people get stuck). The weapon durability bug is in canada goose outlet store DS2, but canada goose jacket outlet not DS1, and I want to say it got fixed in canada goose uk shop SOTFS, but I not 100% sure on that.

ecokummNew Londo was an inside job

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FWIW, I played through the game with the 60fps unlock, and I only learned about most of those navigational issues after I read some forums posts. I did notice them at them canada goose outlet sale moment, but I figured canada goose outlet they were native problems in the game so I didn think much of them. I guess they will pop up canada goose outlet store uk more if canada goose you come from the console version, but they certainly not game breaking.

The ladders thing is more serious, canada goose outlet nyc though, canada goose outlet cheap canada goose uk parka especially the one with the hellkite bridge rats that canadian goose jacket can lead to an unexpected death. But, again, you can always revert the 30fps cap back on before sliding down.

ecokummNew Londo was an Canada Goose Parka inside job

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I actually agree with almost everything cheap Canada Goose you list. I like that you don include universal teleporting, I think that was just about the buy canada goose jacket worst idea in DS2/DS3 (and BB for that matter).

I don care about goose outlet canada multiple bloodstains, and I definitely wouldn canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet toronto factory want that SotFS thing uk canada goose outlet were a single bloodstain spawns 4 dying phantoms at once; it just canada goose black friday sale looks ridiculous.

Ascetics were kind of a good idea, but they were fundamentally broken you could really fuck up the balance of the game, getting Canada Goose Coats On Sale worse and worse the further you went through NGs. I rather have a dedicated boss gofind.ca rush mode or canada goose outlet jackets something like that.

I would add the rolling/backstep attacks for shortbows as seen in DS3. That small detail makes canada goose factory sale them actually pretty useful weapons, and insane fun to use.

Also, I would add hollowing as a stat (as in DS3) with progressive visuals (as in DS2).

Also, also, proper backstab animations for halberd class weapons as buy canada goose jacket cheap in DS2. Please, stabbing someone with a scythe looks beyond retarded.

Oh, and canada goose outlet uk guard break/critical attacks as in DS3.

I think that would be Canada Goose sale that for canada goose outlet uk sale me.

ecokummNew Londo was an inside job

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The horribly laid out menus for items, armour, weapons and such. Man, they bad. And it doesn help that the drop rate for garbage items is official canada goose outlet ridiculously high.