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46 points submitted 4 months agoDefinitely not something that goose outlet canada canada goose coats on sale would even begin to be found on a pet Canada Goose Jackets peeves list of mine. unless you were canada goose outlet uk overly dramatic and wailing canada goose coats and gnashing your teeth about it (the way people do when the salt topping for the Salted Caramel Mocha goes away, or when Pumpkin Spice is over for the year. «OHHHH NOOOOOOO YOU KIDDING UUUUUUGH I REALLY WANTED THAT NOOOOOO.» Save your breath for picking something else, Whiny Wendy, we all have troubles in life.)Sounds like cheap Canada Goose Ms. uk canada goose I Always Been Here needs to half caf herself for awhile, honestly. It weird that she got so aggressively confrontational even if she canada goose outlet toronto factory did genuinely canada goose jacket outlet think that, the Canada Goose online way she expressed it was just totally out of place.Can we please, canada goose black friday sale PLEASE canada goose uk sale canada goose factory sale start hearing «please» and «thank you»? I genuinely give Canada Goose Online free coffee to people who use those phrases, because it is so goddamned canada goose outlet black friday rare. «GIMME A CARMUL MACHALEEDO EXTRA EXTRA CARMUL WITH WHIP CRAME.» 1. What size. 2. I canada goose outlet store know you want soy, but you not going to tell me until you get canada goose uk black friday to the window, at which canada goose outlet in usa point you will INSIST that you said soy. 3. Nothing in the wide wonky world would make me happier canada goose uk outlet right now than to say, «Would you like a side of manners with that?» and then when you Canada Goose sale look up dully from applying canada goose outlet uk sale your mascara to go, official canada goose outlet «Huuh?» dead ass back, «I said, would you like a cheap canada goose uk slice of canada goose banana bread canada goose outlet new york city with that?»Don Canada Goose Coats On Sale canada goose canada goose https://www.canadagooseonlineshop.co.uk clearance outlet parka forget to gather. I know it hard when they have canada goose outlet sale ten lattes and one hot coffee, but it going to be a bloodbath when those ten lattes are done and the customer is still standing there like UHHH MY COFFEE WTF. Oh, there no dark roast so canadian goose jacket canada goose outlet online your customer says they wait? canada goose uk shop Mark canada goose outlet the cup with their name and «dark», set it by the brewer (which should be actively brewing if it not, TELL SOMEONE IMMEDIATELY), and check on it every minute or so. Leaving a blank stray cup abandoned on the counter (or even worse, just making a silent mental note to get back to it and instantly forgetting. because that is what will happen, please trust me) helps no one not you, not your customer, not your partners.PLEASE USE MORE COMMON SENSE. canada goose outlet canada Grounds in brewed coffee = unacceptable. Don serve it if you wouldn give it to someone you like. You being taught a lot of steps? There must be a reason. Own your mistakes and learn from them.BONUS TIP If you fold a corner of the filter over that Canada Goose Parka little sticky out bit of the canada goose black friday sale metal frame, it helps hold the Canada Goose Outlet filter in place and keeps the grounds contained during canada goose store brewing. Don be like me and try in vain to tuck the filter UNDER that sticky out bit for three years while wondering why it never worked very well. 24 points canada goose outlet jackets submitted 6 months agoI sell probably about 100 CRFs for every 1 CCFs. No exaggeration. It buy canada goose jacket cheap just not a common thing we get drilled into our skulls all day long, but it not a bad or a weird thing to order. Sometimes we just get programmed to hear certain things ESPECIALLY on drive thru when it sooo unimaginably hard to hear people words. We look for clues and rely on habit.I had a few uk canada goose outlet days off, came back to the canada goose clearance sale Maple Pecan Latte having been launched, and the first person to ask me for one canada goose factory outlet got a pause and a wait what now moment. Simply because I hadn heard it said yet, and hadn trained my ear to clue in to it. 1 point submitted canada goose outlet online uk 6 months agoMy store fucks with sticker canada goose outlet nyc destinations all the time, trying to get them to work properly. It never works. At the moment we have impulse purchases (Money on Honey, Ethos Water, Peppermint Gum, etc) printing out on the Warming and Mobile printers, while mobile orders of beverages and food are printing out on cafe bar, and stuff like bananas trigger an error message frantically informing us that THERE IS NO PRINTER!!11!1. It a total mess, and it started when closing crew decided to start rerouting DT and Cafe to the canada goose outlet reviews same printer overnight. They would never set them back properly so we be scrambling the next morning to figure out how to reroute it before peak, and buy canada goose jacket it canada goose outlet store uk has never canada goose outlet shop been the same since.