If there a story that is supported by Facebook comments/text

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1. Mother in law and Mom related posts only

Other people can absolutely be involved but they cannot be given their own thread. If it is not your MIL or mom, a SonIL/DIL must be present or otherwise clearly evident no canada goose store «potential» JNMILs. No fictional Canada Goose Outlet MILs. JustNOHusbands (and wives) can canada goose clearance sale now go in /r/JustNoSO! For everyone else, try /r/justnofamily. Letters and non MIL updates now belong in /r/LetterstoJNMIL.

Nicknames are reserved uk canada goose for MILs and established MIL/FIL pairs only. All others must use Canada Goose Parka the acronym dictionary canada goose uk black friday below. Acronym based cast lists are OK but unnecessary just give us the story. MIL nickname guidelines

3. No buy canada goose jacket cheap blogs

Honestly, Canada Goose Coats On Sale nobody fucking uk canada goose outlet cares.

4. Shaming is not okay

If Canada Goose online you disagree be civil and respectful. Remember the human and remember that many posters here are dealing with disordered personalities and disordered upbringings. «You have a husband problem» and «two card time» are shaming. No trolling or «MILpologizing»

Don be Canada Goose sale deliberately antagonistic, and don defend, excuse, or otherwise sympathize cheap Canada Goose with the MILs here. Playing devil advocate canada goose clearance in a support sub rarely turns out well for anyone and nobody posts here if they dealing with normal, harmless MILs. canada goose uk outlet Trying to convince OP that MIL was «just trying to be nice» amounts to gaslighting and Canada Goose Online won be tolerated.

6. No backseat modding

Our rules are here in order to foster reasonable discussion, support, and advice. Using our rules as ammunition against another poster does not further these cheap canada goose uk goals. If you see someone breaking a rule, report it and move on.

7. No exit posts

If canada goose outlet you feel you need to go, do it quietly. Exit posts are cries for attention and there are other subs to feed your need. Addendum: canada goose uk shop No updates to removed posts. If canada-gooseoutlets you can follow the rules, don post.

8. No external links

There is no option to post a canada goose black friday sale link here, take the hint because it not subtle. If there a story that is supported by Facebook comments/text messages that fine, but those links need to be scrubbed of Canada Goose Jackets personal info and only linked in the body of the post. If buy canada goose jacket you see a post on another subreddit that would fit here, PM the OP.

9. Wild MILs must be canada goose coats on sale IRL

«MIL in the Wild» posts have been restricted to real life encounters. This includes social media like Facebook but not sites like FML, Tales from Retail, advice columns or apps like Whisper.

10. Keep violent speech within reason.

Hoping bad things happen to bad people as a way of sympathizing with OP is fine, but keep it light. canada goose factory sale Don canada goose coats instruct OP to do anything violent/illegal and don get excessively graphic in fantasizing about violence. Figures of speech like «she deserves a canada goose smack in the mouth for that» are fine, «burn that fucking bitch alive» goes too far.

Super magical vagina that lures good, decent men away from their now suffering mothers. Suspected but unconfirmed canadian goose jacket vagina dentata like attributes. Wielded by vagicians. XMIL = ex mother in law. SFXMIL = mother in law generated by CGI or practical special effectsDamn Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter.