In hindsight, I think my excellent performance on my exams

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moncler jackets kids Argues against it. Spends most time on social media. Shows no result of any positive advice. Marriage moncler womens jackets on brink of collapse as a result. Our son has stopped being moncler outlet online interested in studies. He lies to us about test dates, due assignments, and other homework assigned. We usually only find out about his tests and assignments when we contact his teachers, and it is usually too late by then. He is doing poorly in almost all of the classes. When we ask him about his performance in school, or why he was hiding tests/assignments from us, he gives a bizarre reason that since we ask him about assignments and ask him to study, he can study because he can no longer do things on his own terms. We tried leaving him on his own for a few months thinking that may be he wanted to exercise his freedom and decision making. But that failed badly because his performance dropped even more. His grades are slipping badly, and every attempt to get him interested in studies and see the consequences of his choices is failing. He often throws at us that no one studies at home, and homework is for geeks. He is very intelligent, and used to be an A+ student up until a few months ago. Now, moncler sale online ever since he has a girlfriend, studies are no longer his priority. Any attempt to put limits on him results in a huge drama scene in our house. For example, a sometimes stern talk with him about his antics with school work will result in comments like «no one loves me unconditionally», etc. I am of the opinion that since our attempts to moncler usa discipline, putting limits, and getting him to study are yielding uk moncler outlet nothing but a deteriorating relationship with him and escalating drama scenes, we should back off, and stop worrying (caring) about his performance in school and other things. May be he will learn one day on his own. My wife on the other hand is not willing to give up. So the tussle and struggle in the household continues. He has posted some messages on his social media account talking about suicide etc, and that adds to the worry. We talked to him about it, and consulted resources like crisis line, and their assessment (and his own feedback) was that there was no danger, and there was no depression either. We feel so helpless and depressed in this situation thinking there is no end or solution to this. People say that this «phase» of his teenage years will pass. However, we are worried that by that time, either I would have had a heart attack or two, or our marriage would have ended. Also did he do the depression assessment in front of you guys? Or did he know that you and your wife would be getting the results of it? Because if so he might have lied about how he actually feels, I used to do this a lot a few years ago when I was his age, i was suicidal because of horrible depression but would always lie on evaluations because the thought of my parents knowing I had depression was humiliating and I didn trust them enough to feel comfortable enough to open up to them. You should try and take your son out to dinner and let him know that you guys love him, he might hate it at first and if he refuses on the dinner cheap moncler jackets out, just order pizza or anything just to spend at least a little bit of time with him, even if he decides that he dosent want to talk and don bring up uk Moncler grades or responsibilities your just going to push him further away. moncler jackets kids

moncler outlet online As a male who was a state ranked athlete looking at ivy cheap moncler jackets womens league schools at 17, to quitting sports and nearly failing my classes at 18, I would know the signs. Men handle depression differently. moncler outlet online

moncler chicago I would seek professional help, but also realize that you are his uk moncler sale main father figure and you are probably the cleanest path into him. My father was the only one I could speak to on a one to one level and he still is. I clung on to the male role models in my life, during that period. moncler chicago

moncler outlet woodbury There are a lot of factors and it hard. but I can tell you one thing that certain. Collapse your marriage and give up on him, and it a one way ticket to who knows where, with this kid. You guys are parents and it your duty to stick by his side moncler sale outlet for better and for worse. moncler outlet woodbury

moncler jacket outlet I shattered everything in my house and nearly punched my brother and father out, and they are still by my side today. I was a straight A, honor roll student until the end of 9th grade and then I got a boyfriend and my priorities changed and my school suffered for it for the entire duration of high school. moncler jacket outlet

moncler coats for women It was frustrating for them and for me: They would push back, take things away, legitimately get upset and express anger and concern for my future, ban me from doing things I wanted to do. the list goes on. I was essentially under house arrest till the end of grade 12. The more they imposed and pushed, the harder I kicked back, because to me, the biggest motivation I had in my life at that best moncler jackets time was to spend my time and energy figuring out ways to get around, ignore, or altogether destroy the perceived obstacles they set in my way that were preventing me from doing what I wanted: You won’t cheap moncler jackets mens let me hang out with my friends moncler outlet sale after school? Fine. I’ll skip class and hang out with them then. You won’t let me go to parties on the weekends? Okay. I’ll knock off class and get drunk in some kid’s basement with a bunch of boys at 11 in the morning. My mantra became «Whatever you put in my way, I am clever enough to get around it» and I often was. but not without the inevitable consequences. moncler coats for women

womens moncler jackets Like I said, I figured I was exceptionally crafty for being able to flout all of these responsibilities and rules and do what I pleased. In the mean time, my marks plummeted. By the end of 12th grade my class mark in math was 34%, science was 40 moncler online store something, English was around a 50, and social studies/history was also in the low 50s: Passing grades these do not make, nor would moncler uk outlet they get me into any sort of college or university that my parents insisted I went to immediately after graduating despite my protests. The smart kid came back for final exams, and I managed a 67 in math, an 80 something in both science and social, and a fricking 92 in English. These high scores bumped all of my core subjects up to passes, but not pretty ones. In hindsight, I think my excellent performance on my exams actually made my parents sadder, because geez. I was clearly not an idiot, but seemed so, so, so set in sabotaging myself. womens moncler jackets

moncler jacket online I struggled through my first semester of college, got a new boyfriend, and promptly dropped out, moved out, and essentially estranged myself for a time. I worked lousy retail jobs, depended on my boyfriend more moncler outlet woodbury than is healthy, and had zero direction. moncler jacket online

moncler jackets mens My experience post graduation and through my late teens and early twenties was not fun. I was perpetually broke, worked jobs I hated that paid little, lived in dicey apartments, and just kind of. drifted while other people I knew set foundations for their futures. Over the years, I was able to move up from retail jobs and minimum wage, and into better paying and more comfortable jobs, but so much of that was based on the people I knew, and networking, and my ability to adapt and pick up new skills quickly: It was a hard, hard uphill battle. I’ve got a great job now, and am enrolled part time in school for a career that I’m very excited about, but I made it a thousand times harder for myself due to my decisions in high school. moncler jackets mens

moncler coats for cheap I was medicated for depression when I was 10, came from a divorced family where I was subjected to physical and emotional abuse, and was diagnosed with ADHD and a borderline personality style as an adult: In many cheap moncler coats mens ways I had the cards stacked against me due to these things when I was younger, but looking back, the onus was still on me, and I’m responsible for the choices I made. moncler coats for cheap

cheap moncler I wish I could take back all the horrible things I said and did to my parents. I realize that everything they did, they did out of love and fear for my future: They didn’t hate me. They didn’t want to ruin my life. They were just. scared shitless to see their daughter go down a path no parent wants to even imagine their child go down. We have a fantastic relationship now, and I know no matter what they’ve got my back: If I could go back and tell myself that at 16 I wouldn’t have believed it. cheap moncler

moncler coats for kids The situation with your son is tricky, but I agree with what other people here are saying: Keep setting boundaries and enforcing them. At the end of the day, regardless of how much he pushes back, YOU are the parents and you call cheap moncler sale the shots. Poor performance is not something to be overlooked or rewarded: Just like adult life, he needs to come to terms with the fact that his actions have consequences. He’s lucky that he’s still a child and can face these consequences in a softer environment than the adult moncler outlet world: Having your cellphone taken away is about a thousand times less brutal than having your cellphone service cut off because you haven’t paid a bill in four months: Parents are ultimately still more forgiving and compassionate than creditors. moncler coats for kids

discount moncler jackets Another thing to consider is the level of trust in this dynamic: How would you rate your level of trust in your son? Your wife? What do you think his level of trust is in you as parents? When that trust is depleted, it separates people and makes it difficult to rationally approach problems and design solutions. Positive reinforcement within all of these relationships will build that trust level, where negative reinforcement will deplete it. Making sure you take the time to acknowledge good behavior or actions by your son will make him trust you more, and at the very least will serve as a reminder that may give him pause when he’s choosing to shirk his discount moncler jackets responsibilities. If you and your wife can’t see eye to eye on everything, make a point to emphasize the positives that you CAN agree on: you’re in this together after all. I can’t say it worked amazingly for me in my interactions with my parents, but I do feel that if the attempt to build that trust wasn’t there, things would have been way worse. discount moncler jackets

moncler outlet online store As far as the depression and suicidal ideation goes, I agree that some sort of counseling/treatment should be pursued. Brains are weird things that do weird stuff and act up and make a mess sometimes: If your son is suffering from low self esteem and poor self image, it needs to be made clear that attending counseling or having depression doesn’t make him any less of a person, or a failure, or broken or anything else like that: Shit happens, and luckily depression can be dealt with and managed. Take the steps and make the call because again you’re moncler sale the parent here and let him know that you’re on his team: You wouldn’t berate or belittle him for having a broken arm, so of course you’re going to have his back while he goes through this. moncler outlet online store

discount moncler outlet I’m sorry I’ve written a moncler outlet store novel here, but this story speaks to me at a really personal level. I’ve been where your son is, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to truly appreciate and revere my parents for their boundless conviction to love and support me. even when things moncler outlet prices looked bleak as bleak can be discount moncler outlet.