In his lectures, Smellie remade the ‘father of medicine’,

In 2004, in response to a request, OSHA drafted a rule that addressed the major causes of construction worker injury and death from cranes and derricks (electrocution, collapse and overturning). The final rule established common sense standards for operator certification, crane inspection, set up and disassembly. But the rule took six years to clear bureaucratic hurdles a delay that resulted in an estimated 132 unnecessary deaths and 1,050 preventable injuries at a cost of more than 1 billion..

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Tonight I bid you dance, join the circle round 1 that tree glistening with the clarity of wisdom. Mother Natura and Lady Philosophia, hands together, already have begun the promenade of myth and allegory. » Still in the garb of gold and white stone, Minerva/ Athene did as she was bid and danced till dawn.

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