Just admit it, as as a student virgin, you feel better about

BANSHEE set makes soloing the DZ totally fun

I was going for DZ credits so canada goose factory sale all I was grabbing was purple canada goose outlet caches. I laughed at all of the dipsticks who wiped me for my gear only to find a pack of 9 PURPLE sealed caches. Hahahaha.

It was actually discouraging seeing how not 1 group left me alone. It too bad really. Shows the relative immaturity level canada goose outlet store of the DZ crowd. Me and my 4 men groups leave solos alone so I thought maybe canada goose coats some groups would leave me be.

Funny, I never once fought them, either. Canada Goose sale I canada goose outlet canada would just stand there. I did, however, participate in wiping them after they went Rogue canada goose from killing me. Didn take long canada goose store for Rogue hunters to show up.

But not losing DZ credits or experience made it so Canada Goose Online I could care less how much I died. Had a pretty solid skill power stat and canada goose outlet online ran self heal and seeker mines. Really low toughness score, though, so I would go down quick. Interestingly, with the random Banshee pieces I had laying around I still was at 300K DPS so I could still fight. Maybe a little min/maxing Canada Goose Outlet for canada goose outlet nyc that build would make life canada goose outlet store uk a little easier in the DZ solo. Also ran 2 pc. Tactician so I had 10% less skill cooldowns. Helped, I think.

The south central DZ5 extraction canada goose uk shop point was where canada goose outlet online uk I stayed. The safehouse is uk canada goose outlet right cheap canada goose uk there so when I died I was right back where canada goose outlet sale I was anyway.

Try out https://www.canadagoose-coats.ca the Banshee set. Wish I canada goose clearance sale had that Ninja piece but I don yet.)If one person was running around grabbing all the chests while my group was doing most of the work clearing bosses etc, Id end cheap Canada Goose Parkas up repeatedly trying to kill them too, for that exact reason alone.

Then theres the players that constantly tag along and cause you to accidentally shoot them making your canada goose outlet uk group canada goose jacket outlet rogue. LOVE THOSE GUYS

Then theres those players that try to leech an canada goose factory outlet extraction, so your group has to extract twice. LOVE HOW YOU INNOCENT SOLO GUYS DO THAT.

Then canada goose black friday sale theres the constant flow of canada goose outlet reviews toxic topics and anti pvp care bear crap thats almost always from a player. (solo must be written in full caps for some reason)

Then theres the «innocent solo» guys that almost always grab any canada goose outlet toronto factory dead agents loot/steal supply uk canada goose drops.

I use the quote because I dont even believe its true solo. True solo people enjoy an extra challenge. You may have no friends or are anti social or under geared or no team work, Canada Goose Coats On Sale but youre not solo.

Can canada goose clearance anyone explain why youre canada goose uk outlet even playing an online canada goose outlet uk sale game? Why even bother gearing up? goose outlet canada Just buy canada goose jacket so you can yeah, thanks canada goose outlet new york city for you snow buy canada goose jacket cheap flakes for the effort in ruining the game. Love canada goose coats on sale your work. Just because you got bullied at school, doesn mean you have to take out your teenage frustrations on other players and then lie about it. Just admit it, as as a student virgin, you feel better about yourself in the game killing official canada goose outlet other players and trying to make out you are some kind of heartless pvp badass, than you do canadian goose jacket trying to fit in and be accepted canada goose outlet jackets canada goose uk black friday in Canada Goose online the real world.

Compare that to going manhunt and having 8 players try to kill you. It way more intense and I rather do that canada goose outlet shop canada goose black friday sale for 2 hours than run the same route through DZ 5 and 6 that I memorized months ago.

I get where you farmers are coming Canada Goose Parka from. I was there. But acting Canada Goose Jackets canada goose outlet black friday like everyone that goes rogue is just doing it to be a dick and ruin your day is just being canada goose outlet in usa shortsighted. Most of us are just doing it because there nowhere left to progress but we still want to log in because we cheap Canada Goose still like this game canada goose outlet parka.