Majority doesn need to mean «big» majority

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moncler Cheap moncler jacket outlet online 30 points submitted 11 hours ago1) Majority means majority. Majority doesn need to mean «big» majority. When an opinion becomes a majority it significant, especially in forms of government where the majority opinion is something accounted for.The fact there uk moncler outlet is TREND going a certain way is VERY significant, especially (but not elusively) because a big right wing talking point (see people like Paul Joseph Watson and Lauren Southern) is that Muslims (and other immigrants) aren integrating into «Western societies». And furthermore this is significant because supposedly all Muslims have a violent refusal of LGBT, and because white folk are supposedly perfectly integrated into «Western society».Bonus Meme: If people refuse to see this trend then all of these things conclude what we already know; discount moncler jackets right wing people JUST hate darkies. They have fewer and fewer arguments to stand on moncler womens jackets as stats and time rolls in. Quoting Lauren Southern; «I just want to talk about the culture now.»EDIT Bonus Meme: I didn downvote your comment. :/morasyid 9 points submitted 10 hours agoMajority means majority. Majority doesn need to mean «big» majority. When an opinion becomes a majority it significant, especially in forms of government where the majority opinion is something accounted for.What a disingenuous argument. If I selling cheap moncler coats mens you apples and told you the majority of my apples are fresh, only to find out that only 51% of uk moncler sale them are, you call me a charlatan. The article would have been more moncler outlet store honest if it just said instead of don think you understand how to read sources.And I explained EXACTLY why the article may not be interpreting the statistics correctly. I thought Destiny fanboys are supposed moncler online store to be so anal about interpreting data.because moncler sale online a big right wing talking pointI don give two shits about whatever circlejerk jagoff racewar drama you people are moncler sale obsessed with. I don give a shit about PJW or Lauren Southern or whatever their politics are. I just here pointing out exactly why the article is wrong.Dreamer_Memer 1 point submitted 3 hours agoListen, buddy. Do you think maybe this Islam / Muslim hatred you have going on isn grounded on reality? From what I gather, you claim to have been a Muslim, so I would imagine this kind of vehement moncler outlet hatred and exaggeration of how cheap moncler sale dangerous Islam is would be a part of your bias for becoming an apostate.It seems from your post history that you massive confirmation bias going on, to the point that you defend white nationalists for being «silenced,» like Lauren moncler outlet sale Southern, just because they attack Muslims.Idk if you too far gone to do introspection considering you defended everyone from Sargon to Richard Spencer on fraudulent grounds, and if you are, I hope you hop on discord with Destiny, buddy. If not, maybe try doing that introspection thing. :)You still don get it, do you? Freedom of speech and expression isn a it not part of any country constitution, it moncler outlet woodbury the idea that people have the right moncler outlet prices to speak their minds. How is this simple thing so hard for you fascist libfucks to understand?If you want to use the argument that have the right moncler outlet online to limit your speech and expression then you don believe in freedom of speech. Period. Because you ACTIVELY trying to censor people opinions instead of letting them speak. End of story.PS: Also I don even know WHY you cite the US first amendment in the first cheap moncler jackets mens place. I not even American, I couldn give a shit what your constitution says.morasyid 12 points submitted 7 days agoWhat a pointless, useless review, along with every other webcomic reviews, for the simple fact moncler sale outlet that non only reading CAD is FREE, you are free to read it or not. If you don like it then don read it, let people who enjoy CAD enjoy CAD.As someone who has read both Penny Arcade AND CAD for years, I can definitely say both have a place, and both are distinct, other than the guys playing games shtick, both comics are largely different.Penny Arcade mostly focuses on one off gags, and only people who follow very, very closely moncler usa on news about the game industry would understand most of their jokes, and if you don understand it, Baldy will cheap moncler jackets womens write some vague, english major level confusing explanation on what they talking about in the news section.CAD on the other hand was more accessible; most of its strips are pretty simple to understand, jokes are pretty simple to get. You don have to be a gaming news enthusiast reading Kotaku and Ars Technica articles everyday to understand most CAD comics. I don think I ever read a single CAD comic that I didn understood from the four panels alone, and that more than can be said about PennyArcade strips.But the thing is non of this matter in the end, because both comics have diverged so far from each other they distinguishable. The original Ethan story arc cheap moncler jackets ended years moncler uk outlet ago, the new arc barely even resembles the old one, even the art is different.morasyid 9 points submitted 7 days agoYeah, in the sense that it is pointless; best moncler jackets I find it obnoxious that legions of neckbeards that are seriously hating on a comic that they don read and lose nothing from not reading. It one thing if you a fan of CAD and genuinely want the comics to be better or go a different route, but the vast majority of haters who hated CAD only hated for hatred sake; they don follow CAD, barely follow the CAD comic or know what it about, yet get 99% of their anti CAD shit from somewhere else because CAD was the cool trending thing at the time moncler outlet online.