Meanwhile, the show enjoys another life on the Web, where

urlacher will embrace his inner thespian in ‘a christmas carol’

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Celine Bags Online LIVE TVON NOWIt’s no coincidence that the two amazing singers we met in the post Olympics sneak preview of the reality singing competition are incredibly talented young women all, this is the first year in the show’s history with two female coaches, the reigning Voice champion is a woman, and we’re coming off the first ever win for a female coach.There’s a looooot of girl power here, and talented teens W McDonald and Darby Walker will fit nicely into this female dominated season with coaches Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus on their side.Although frequently we’ll meet contestants before they step on stage for their blind audition, the half hour episode began immediately as McDonald took her place behind the coaches and proceeded to blow all of them away with a gorgeous, rich, deep voiced a cappella version of «Feelin’ Good.»‘The Voice’: Past WinnersNBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesAnd yes, we were Cheap Celine Handbags Cheap Celine Bags just as surprised as Alicia, Miley, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton when McDonald’s speaking voice turned out to be a bubbly, high pitched 17 year old girl’s rather than the low, mature one she uses while singing.After McDonald chose Alicia, it was time for another 17 year old to impress us all. Walker, whose mom moved the family from Atlanta to Los Angeles to encourage her budding music career, sang Florence and the Machine’s version of «Stand By Me,» and managed to get everyone but Adam to turn around. Miley and Alicia both laid on the charm thick, even hitting the stage to sing «Jolene» and «No One,» respectively, with her Celine Bags Online.