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It was just after 6pm here on a sun lit evening in sleepy Hamilton when Stokes strode through the front door of the England team hotel to resume a career that was so rudely interrupted by his late night fracas in Bristol last September.A welcoming party of team manager Phil Neale, stand in media manager Henry Cowen and security guard Sam Dickason had met Stokes at Auckland Airport and accompanied him the 70 miles to this cricketing outpost.Only 10 or so camera crews and journalists were at the airport with Stokes, who had travelled hot foot from Bristol Magistrates Court via Heathrow, Abu Dhabi and Melbourne, just uttering ‘yes’ when asked if he was happy to be back with his team, while he was able to stride into the England base here unnoticed.Just Liam Plunkett, who has been ruled out of the rest of England’s white ball tour with a hamstring injury, David Willey and his five month old son and physio Craig de Weymarn were in the lobby to greet him while five English journalists had been told England’s wayward hero would not be talking. And he didn’t.An elderly couple, meanwhile, enjoyed their sundowners in the hotel bar oblivious to the big, controversial figure who had just strode in anonymously to an unremarkable hotel in an unusually bland part of this wonderful country.The only real reception came in the form of a team gathering to watch New Zealand’s Twenty20 encounter against Australia at Eden Park. And what entertainment it was, Australia overtaking New Zealand’s mammoth 243 for six with seven balls in hand that just about keeps England’s tri series hopes alive.Stokes has been hurried back after his first court appearance on a charge of affraySunday’s final qualifying game here now becomes a winner takes all affair, with England needing to win and win well against New Zealand to advance to Wednesday’s final against Australia back in Auckland.It may be questionable that Stokes has been hurried back with unseemly haste just days after his first court appearance on a charge of affray and having negotiated his way out of a second hearing at the crown court on March 12.Yet there is no question that the England team are delighted to see him and certainly do not blame their talisman in any way for the crushing Chloe Replica Handbags Ashes defeat nor the extra scrutiny in Australia on their off field activities.’He’s a great cricketer for England so the sooner he’s back the better,’ said Willey, summing up the mood in the England camp.

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