Of the PDCI-RDA Youth High Level for the Redressement des

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The PDCI-RDA Youth High Level Committee for the Redressement des Cadres thanks the PDCI-RDA Youth who mobilized on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at the Headquarters of the PDCI-
The High Level Committee of the Youth of the PDCI-RDA for Executive Recovery congratulates PDCI-RDA youth for their fierce opposition to the holding of the meeting of the High Level Committee for the Unified Party at the headquarters of the PDCI-
The High Level Committee of The PDCI-RDA Youth for the Redressement des Cadres supports the victims of the barbarity of the defense and security forces who have deployed an impressive arsenal to dissuade them, and asks, in turn, Dramane Ouattara to put such an arrangement itif in place for the inhabitants of the City of Bouaké who really need it for their request also to Dramane Ouattara to strive to unify or reunite the Ivory Coast which suffers because of him and his… Of the PDCI-RDA Youth High Level for the Redressement des Cadres reaffirms its opposition to the unified party and will continue to fight against the meetings of this whore of this high committee. PDCI-RDA Youth High Level Committee for the Redevelopment of Cadres asks the youth to remain mobilized for the continuation of the
PS: A meeting of the high level committee for the unified party is scheduled for Monday, January 29 < br> Done in Abidjan, January 14th, 2018
P / Committee Management — Secretary of Communication. Replica Hermes Bags

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