Personal priorities evolve over time and both parties can

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ORDER NO 2018-143, OF 14 FEBRUARY 2018

While civil society and political parties, main actors of the electoral process are preparing for the elaboration of proposals necessary for the good conduct of credible and peaceful elections in Côte d’Ivoire, the Government against all odds, solitary and unilateral and in defiance of the Constitution, takes the ordinance n ° 2018-143 of 14 February 2018 in its session of the Council of Ministers of February 14, 2018 to organize the elections of the
This initiative constituting an incredible disregard of the Government for the Ivorian people calls on us several — An intolerable violation of the Constitution
Under the terms of paragraph 3 of Article 90 of Law No. 2016-886 on the Ivorian Constitution of 8 November 2016, an organic law fixes the number of members of each chamber, the conditions of eligibility and appointment, the system of ineligibility and incompatibility, the voting arrangements and the conditions under which new elections or new appointments may be held, in the event of a seat being vacant deputy or deputy It is therefore the legislator who is responsible for organizing the Senate by the effect of a law
It should be noted that Article 106 of the Constitution specifies the procedure and the conditions for the taking and execution of
How can the Head of State arrogate to himself a power that he does not have with regard to the Constitution and for which he has not received any authorization of the National Assembly

How to
Why ignore the National Assembly when it is well in place?

This intolerable attitude of the Head of State reflects his refusal to comply with the ruling of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights which imposes itself however on this attempt toforce, despite the efforts and proposals of civil society supported by opposition political parties, could not… In light of the foregoing, political parties of the opposition remind the Government that the only alternative that the rest is the establishment of a new legal framework to govern the elections in Côte d ‘
We are therefore surprised at this measure of the Government which, if it prospers, will lead our country to the disaster, see the > As a consequence of all the above, we, political parties of the opposition,

— Denounce with force this umpteenth violation of the Constitution and the basic rights of the Ivorian citizens,

— Let us express our deep disagreement with the Government which, with such an initiative carrying seeds of chaos, threatens the peace
— Condemns this step which reflects an intolerable contempt for the people
— Call on the Government and the Head of State to make every effort to propose, as soon as possible, the conditions guaranteeing credible and peaceful elections guaranteeing social peace and harmonious development and the holding of the announced political dialogue by the Prime Minister who will have to meet before all deadlines

Let’s call for the mobilization of all the democratic forces from here and elsewhere

— Invite the International Community to seize the file Ivorian while there is still time

— Exhort our militants to remain vigilant and Done in Abidjan on 21 February 2018 Hermes Bags Replica.