Red would totally love to go «let speed this up» or «whoops

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moncler outlets uk According to this Uryuom construct thing that looks like it was the back leftmost figure in the final panel, that seems to have cheap moncler coats mens been made to attack a library. That tried to kill Ellen. I kind of rooting for her to have it now, and suspecting bad motives on the part of the golem. I wonder if the Magic is transformation Magic? Maybe that used to be uryuom only. moncler outlets uk

moncler outlets usa What confuses me is that it seems to be meant to guard against humans moncler usa having certain powers, but the last panel implies that it was on the uryuom side of an attack on a library of power for humans, which went well enough that it was suddenly shut down by moncler outlet sale Magic changing. moncler outlets usa

moncler outlet ny I have so moncler sale outlet many questions. What was the plight of the uryuoms? What kind of Magic were humans not supposed to have? What DID Ellen turn into last time? Etc. etc. moncler outlet ny

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moncler coats sale My first thought on seeing Panel 2 was «demon», though I notice that several people have suggested that it a dragon instead. I guess a dragon does make more sense, as they been brought up in the comic before (Magus mentioned dragon sirens, and there was one unmentioned in the background at one point during Pandora flashback), and green isn really a color I associate with demons. If Ellen was possessed/melded/whatever by a demon, I expect her hair (and potentially skin and outfit) to turn black (in contrast to the angel form bleached out appearance); but moncler sale online dragons in many fantasy settings tend to be more colorful. moncler coats sale

moncler outlet location Although whatever interacting with Ellen here was presumably sealed inside the Dewitchery Diamond before Magus shattered it, and I associate being sealed away more with demons than dragons. In many setting, demons have a tendency to come back after being killed, necessitating sealing them to keep them from coming back; whereas with dragons, killing them is usually a permanent solution. moncler outlet location

moncler outlet usa Not that that means that dragons can be sealed. Maybe some wizard decided centuries ago that sealing powerful enemies was simply easier than fighting them to the death, and thus when confronted by a dragon, transformed it into a small piece of wood and grew a large crystal around it to keep the dragon from breaking free. moncler outlet usa

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moncler jackets mens I don entirely agree with this. Some rules are much harder to change than others, and in practice rules considerations DO limit designs; it one of the reasons why unsets were necessary in the moncler outlet prices first place, and why not all their cards have since migrated to Black border. moncler jackets mens

moncler coats outlet That, and silver border cards aren allowed moncler outlet online in the top 5. That means that it matters if cards really need to be silver border. moncler coats outlet

moncler coats This particular case works fine, but anybody who tries to make (for example) an «Ethereal Sky» uk moncler sale card with «All creatures with flying are Spirits» has an awful moncler womens jackets lot moncler outlet of explaining to do on how they going to completely moncler uk outlet overhaul the layer system into something that can discount moncler jackets coherently resolve the continual effect dependencies between that and Spirit tribal cards that grant abilities. moncler coats

cheap moncler jackets There a reason R keeps not doing that, and cards that necessitate huge and conceptually very difficult rules overhauls should be kept to silver boarder unless you have a good explanation for how you doing it (which these kinds of cards rarely do). cheap moncler jackets

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moncler outlet uk These concerns are realistic, concerns enthusiasts on this sub don really have and don need to, but perhaps ought to if they cheap moncler jackets womens are pretending they are in the role of an mtg designer. But of course, the card designer isn going to be asked to mess with the rules. Set lead would approve or disapprove and, if the former, talk to the right people about getting the rules changed. (Or, y see if it feasible to approve, from someone other than the designer.) moncler outlet uk

buy moncler jackets toronto So really what we need is r/custommagicrulesmanager, r/custommagicsetdesign, and maybe r/custommagiccustomerservices for when people aren sure how the new rules work. 3 points submitted 3 days ago buy moncler jackets toronto

moncler chicago In planar chaos, red got time Magic: see [[Fury Charm]] and [[Timecrafting]]. moncler outlet store It was probably inspired by things like [[Last chance]]. moncler chicago

cheap moncler jackets outlet Philosophically it actually makes some sense. Red would totally love to go «let speed this up» or «whoops better make some extra time to do this at the last minute.» cheap moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet store Time Magic tropes usually don revolve around well thought out plans or scholarship. You can make it be about best moncler jackets those things, but Blue just has so much Flavor Pie already I kind of wish Red had gotten that one. moncler outlet store

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moncler outlet mall Lorado is a pretty great homebrew one with actual playtesting, and I think it available on Cockatrice. From the current online website: moncler outlet mall

moncler jackets cheap My goal for Lorado is to make a fun moncler sale limited environment to play with friends and at conventions. A self contained toy. If people have fun playing with it, that all that matters. Goal 1 is fun, goal 2 is flavor. moncler jackets cheap

discount moncler jackets That said, the set is dripping with flavor, with cards like Into the Sunset, Call your Bluff, Gone Fishin cheap moncler jackets mens See you in Hell, uk moncler outlet Tie to the Tracks, Guns Blazing, and Dire Jackalope at common. discount moncler jackets

Moncler Factory Outlet I actually really cheap moncler sale like the old magicTCG post of it: while a bit out of date, it explains some more of the original myths behind the cards a lot better, and I really enjoyed reading through the albums. Moncler Factory Outlet

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moncler coats for kids Yeah, but that not really what we talking about in this subthread. Start a new subthread, please, instead of trying to derail this one with whataboutism. moncler coats for kids

moncler jackets outlet online If you got examples of famous entertainers who we know moncler online store murdered men and got away with it scot free, feel free to note it! I cheap moncler jackets be pretty surprised if you did, because murder is a crime that usually already gets plenty of hatred, unlike all these name dropped abusers moncler outlet woodbury of children and women whom society has collectively ignored too much moncler jackets outlet online.