Should BCR still be awarded mandatory student fees to use next

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purse replica handbags After Wednesday night, I hope members of BCR who disagreed with the decision to invite Yiannopoulos publicly disclose their opposition in an Op/Ed, and out themselves as supporters of Berkeley’s values of equity and inclusion, saving some face for BCR as a whole while doing so. I also hope our ASUC Senators, who meet this semester to set next year’s RSO funding allocations, consider diverting the Berkeley College Republicans’ requested money for next year and every year after, until the last complicit current member this year graduates to help offset the additional costs of Wednesday’s event that «will be borne entirely by the campus», as Chancellor Dirks stated last week; «Contribution to the Cal community» is a stated guideline for ASUC funding allotments, and BCR’s decision to hold this event will undoubtedly be a negative financial contribution. Should BCR still be awarded mandatory student fees to use next year, I hope there is a concerted effort among Berkeley students to exercise their rights held within the ASUC Constitution to file student objections to their money being used to sponsor BCR as a consequence for their decision to hold this event.. purse replica handbags

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