So at the end of the day you only disarming law abiding

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Canada Goose Parka One of the fears of having a national gun registry is anonymity. Right now, if hypothetically, the canadian goose jacket government wants canada goose clearance to be buy canada goose jacket tyrannical and disarm the population, it would be difficult to do that. Since we have no registry, big brother wouldn even know where to go Canada Goose Coats On Sale to get uk canada goose outlet everybody gun. There canada goose black friday sale is no way of knowing who owns guns, how many guns they might own, or who owns a particular gun (if they wanted to track down serial numbers). Sure they could try and track FFL transactions, but they will only lead them to the original buyer of a gun. Since there is cheap canada goose uk nothing illegal about a private canada goose uk outlet sale of a uk canada goose firearm, the original buyer may not even Canada Goose Outlet have that gun. He could sold it to Jim Bob up the street, there Canada Goose sale would be no way of knowing. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose sale Yeah, canada goose factory sale this just sounds irrational and paranoid. At the end of the day, if the government decided to disarm citizens, it wouldn do it illegally. A law would have to be passed to alter the 2nd amendment. If this happened, it would be illegal for citizens to keep their guns anyway, so the government being able to track who owned what guns wouldn be a huge issue because I sure all law abiding citizens would happily Canada Goose Online comply with the legislation enacted by their democratically elected leaders. Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket Basically your argument canada goose uk black friday boils down to «I want it to be easier for me to not obey the law in the unlikely scenario that the government decides I not allowed a gun any more». canadian goose jacket

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canada goose To be clear, this is not my stance on the issue, but I familiar with the argument and am trying to shed light on the thought process. That being said, exactly what you saying is what pro gun canada goose store people are fighting against, a law that alters the second amendment. As you say, law abiding citizens are the only ones that would follow those laws, someone with criminal intent wouldn care about canada goose uk shop a ban on guns. So at the end of the day you only disarming law abiding citizens and making them an easier target for the criminally minded. canada goose I also think you overestimate the gun Canada Goose Jackets owning population willingness to comply with such Canada Goose online a law. A very huge chunk of the gun owners in America are the «take my guns out of canada goose clearance sale my cold dead hands» type canada goose outlet nyc of gun Canada Goose Parka owner, if it became illegal tomorrow to own guns, I don foresee all law abiding citizens handing them over. Honestly, why would you? cheap Canada Goose If your rationale for wanting to own a gun is to protect yourself from the man, why would you comply when you asked to disarm yourself? There is little to no incentive to do so, especially since as of now, there is no registry and no one is going to come pound in your door and arrest you for owning a gun. canada goose coats on sale Again, these are not my views, I playing devils advocate here, there is absolutely a problem in this buy canada goose jacket cheap country right now and something needs to be done about it. I don think the answer is as easy or as clear as either side wants to think their solution is. I am glad there is a discussion going on about it though, but wish it came under better circumstances canada goose.