So in order to get Sky to some to the bathroom

My Super Psycho Sweet 16

moncler sale Background The horror film premiered on October 23, 2009 on MTV. The film is based on the popular television show of the same name. The movie tells the story of two very different girls. moncler mens jackets One of them is named monlcer down jackets Sky Rotter who kind of like the high school outcast. The other one is a spoiled and popular brat named Madison Penrose. Now for Madison’s 16th birthday she asks her parents to re open the Rollerdome which is roller skating cheap moncler coats rink so she can have her party there. moncler sale

moncler outlet store The Rollerdome used to be owned by Sky’s father Charlie. Apparently the rink was closed down after a string of brutal murders took place there 10 years earlier. Come to find out that Charlie was the one who committed the murders. So when he hears that the Rollerdome will be re opening for Madison’s party, he returns to the rink to make it a birthday party no one will forget. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler coats The StoryMadison Penrose pretty, blonde, and spoiled popular girl who convinces her parents to open up the Rollerdome for her 16th birthday party. The movie flashes back to the year 1999 when Charlie Rotter owned the Rollerdome and would often entertain people in a costume. He was called cheap moncler »Lord of the Rink». So one day at the Rollerdome, a sixteen year old boy named Craig decides to moncler outlet online humiliate Charlie by slapping a cake out of his hands and tearing his mask off in front of everybody including his six year old daughter Sky. To get revenge on Craig, Charlie brutally murders him and his girlfriend that night when they break into the rink. Sky saw the murders and called the police. The police find Charlie in the basement and also four more bodies stuffed into a oil bin. He is arrested. While on his way to prison, the van crashes and burns and Charlie is presumed dead. cheap moncler coats

moncler jackets outlet So the movie flashes back to 10 years later where Sky is a high school outcast. She is a beautiful girl with jet black girl and mostly only wears black clothes. Sky is often bullied by Madison and her friends. Plus she has to deal the torture she gets from her other schoolmates because of what her father did all those years ago. Anyway after gym class, Sky finds her gym locker trashed by Madison and her friends Olivia and Chloe. Sky tries to leave but is caught by Madison, Chloe, and Olivia. Madison warns Sky to stay away from her ex boyfriend moncler sale Brigg Jenner since he and Sky were talking to each other earlier. She also says that Sky is a nobody and that the yearbook wouldn’t waste space on her if she passed away. moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet jackets So after that brutal exchange, Sky begins walking home in only a swimsuit, flip flops, and a towel. Luckily, Brigg happened to be driving by and offered her a ride home. Upon arriving at her house, he cheap moncler outlet asks her to hang out with him on Saturday. At school the next day, Madison hands out her birthday invitations to everyone except Sky. Brigg is invited which messes up his Saturday night plans with Sky. He arrives to Sky’s house where she lives with her aunt Sarah. Her mom left after Charlie was arrested and supposedly died in that van crash. Sky mentions that since the incident, her aunt Sarah can barely look at her and her mom left because she couldn’t handle it anymore. moncler outlet jackets

moncler outlet Brigg tells her that he must go to the party since he and Madison have history. He promises to make it up to Sky. Sky says that they could never work out because he’s popular and she’s not. Brigg kisses her, moncler outlet store promising that he will take her out after the party. After he leaves, Sky’s best friend Derek asks if she wants to crash the party. One the night of the party, Sky’s other friend Lily helps Sky and Derek sneak in to the Rollerdome. Now the first kill of the night is Madison’s party planner by none other than Charlie Rotter. moncler outlet

moncler factory outlet Meanwhile, at the party things are off to a pretty great start. Sky and Brigg skate together, Lily and Derek are talking, and Lily asks him to get some punch so she can pour Vodka in it. As he leaves to get the punch, he is spotted by Brigg’s friend Kevin who locks him in the basement. Kevin find Charlie’s mask and puts it on to play a joke on Sky. She sees Kevin with the mask on and thinks its her father. She runs over to Kevin only to be mocked and laughed at when she realizes that it’s a joke. She walks way disappointed. Charlie appears and kiss Kevin. Then puts his mask on. moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler Derek is let out of the basement by a drunk Lily who begins making out with him. Madison’s friend Chloe hatches a mean plan to hide in a bathroom stall with a fire extinguisher so when Sky walks in she’ll blow the extinguisher in her face. So in order to get Sky to some to the bathroom, Olivia dumps punch on Sky’s dress. Brigg, trying to find Sky, ends up in the VIP room where Madison comes in. She throws him on the couch and makes out with him. Sky sees this and is heartbroken. Back in the bathroom, Chloe is still waiting for Sky to come in. The door opens, thinking its Sky, moncler sale outlet Chloe blows the extinguisher on the person cheap moncler jackets she think its Sky. But it is actually Charlie. He responds by throwing her in the stall, and beating her to death with the extinguisher. cheap moncler

cheap moncler outlet Outside, Lily keys Madison’s new car as a present. The car starts and begins chasing after her. Lily gets rammed into a brick wall but manages to to get away unharmed. She tries to run up a stairwell, then climb up a gate. Charlie slits her throat with a sward. Meanwhile, Sky finds Charlie’s old office and calls Derek to tell him that she wants to leave. Brigg finally finds her. He tries to explain what happened between him and Madison but Sky doesn’t want to hear it. Olivia goes to the bathroom just as the birthday cake is being brought out. She sees blood on the floor, opens the next stall, and finds Chloe’s dead body. Olivia tries to warn everybody but before she can, she is decapitated by Charlie. Her headless body keeps rolling until it hits the cake and they both fall down. cheap moncler outlet

cheap moncler jackets All the party guests get scared and leave except Sky and Madison. Madison blames all of this Sky claiming that Sky ruined her birthday party. The cheap moncler sale two start fighting until Charlie appears. They run and find the dead party planner. Brigg runs back inside to find Sky, All three of them start running with Charlie not far from behind. Charlie is distracted by a big light in his face while Sky and Madison get away. The girls finally get to the dance floor. Brigg is thrown off the top of the mezzanine. Madison, Sky, and Derek try to escape, but Charlie slams Madison’s head into a party table, knocking her out. At the door, Charlie tries strangle Derek but Sky begs him not to by telling him that Derek is her friend. He lets him, throws him out the door, and locks it. cheap moncler jackets

moncler sale outlet Some time later, Madison wakes up in the basement tied to a chair with Sky sitting across from her, also tied to the chair. Sky finally calls Madison a bully. Like we didn’t already know that. Charlie comes to the basement, unties Sky, and gives her knife to kill Madison. Madison tries to talk Sky into not killing her, stabbing Charlie with in the leg, then pushing a cabinet on top of him. Sky breaks free and tries to untie Madison. Which was a waste because Madison begins insulting Sky, then pushes her out of the way so she can get out of the basement first. However, Madison is tripped by Charlie. This gives Sky enough time to get up, lock her in the basement, and tell her to have a super birthday. Madison still hurls insults at Sky as she leaves the basement, leaving Rotter alone with Madison. Afterwards, the police are called and find Madison’s dead body in the basement. Her throat is slit, and she’s wearing a party hat with a birthday cake in front of her on the table where she’s sitting. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet online Outside, Sky meets Derek, who is happy Cheap Moncler to see that’s okay. She leaves in Madison’s new car she got for her birthday. The police search for Charlie but he’s gone. At the end, Brigg is in the hospital recovering from his injuries. He has a dream that Sky came to the hospital to see him. Then she pulls out a knife and stabs him to death. He wakes up screaming and a nurse grabs him, telling him to calm down. Brigg says that he wants to see Sky, but according to the nurse, nobody knows where she is. He finds a drawing on the table that Sky drew, meaning she was in his hospital room when he was unconscious. moncler outlet online

The ReviewThis movie was very weird. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. It was just very odd. It was not like other horror films I’ve seen before. That was the first time I’ve seen someone get decapitated in a horror film believe it or not. Also the killer being father of the main character was unusual. Charlie Rotter only kills kids who he thinks deserve to be killed for being a bad person. Preferably, kids who mistreat him like Craig, and kids who mistreat his daughter Sky, like Madison. I mean yeah Craig was spoiled, ungrateful brat but I don’t think he deserved to die. However, Madison was spoiled brat and a bully. Therefore, I didn’t mind as much when she died. I think in that moment, Charlie and Sky were in the right.

moncler outlet uk Bullies are very bad people. They’re insecure and they are miserable with their lives. So they take it out on people who are smaller than they are. They think just because they are bigger you, that means that they can pick on you and make you feel bad about yourself. I mean she kind of had it coming. She insulted Sky, calling her a nobody and a loser When Sky tried to help her escape out of the basement. Then she pushes her out of the way selfishly so she could get out first. I think Madison got what deserved in the end. Sky realized she had a ugly heart, so she got revenge for years of torment. I have zero sympathy for bullies as I said before in my Carrie (2013) review. Madison was a bully and a rotten human being. What Charlie did was justified. I’m glad Sky locked her in there. I’m also glad she drove off in Madison’s car. That was pretty cool. So this movie was weird but really good. Thanks for reading my review. moncler outlet uk

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