Specific to this comment, though, watching the bridge between

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moncler jackets Did this with a friend who had never seen https://www.kinkhost.com any Star Wars movies.The big points of it is that you get this intro to Luke, the menace of Vader and the Empire, and the first of course, ends with the events of Empire Strikes Back things best moncler jackets look grim for our moncler sale heroes, and wait. Vader is Luke moncler outlet online father?! Then you get what is essentially a TWO MOVIE flashback of cheap moncler coats mens how Anakin became Vader. You watch his descent into moncler outlet Cheap Moncler uk sale fear, anger, hatred, ending with his suffering of loosing Padme and becoming imprisoned in cheap moncler sale his mechanical body.As a bonus, by watching in this order, the identity cheap moncler jackets of Palpatine as the Emperor is quite well hidden until the reveal in Episode 3. You know that Palpatine is a bad guy, and you know the Emperor is a bad guy, but you don know that they the one in the moncler outlet same.Then you get the finale of Episode 6, Luke redeems his father, but you have so much more appreciation for what that means, since you watched Anakin fall over two movies, and as poorly acted and scripted as the prequels are, that character development is still there when taken as broad, sweeping arcs.Specific to this comment, though, watching the bridge between Episode 3 and 6, cheap moncler jackets womens you get this awesome parallelism. One of the major moncler sale outlet events that solidified Anakin as falling to the Dark Side was his assault on the Jedi temple, and the way it moncler outlet store shot very closely mirror Luke entrance in Episode 6. A dark, hooded figure, walking from the light (from the city, or from the desert) into darkness. Anakin killing Jedi and Younglings, and Luke moncler outlet woodbury uses the force to choke (whether directly or though mind trick) two guards and dominates the mind of Jabba butler dude, then threatens to destroy Jabba. Bastila ends up falling to the Dark Side, whereas Revan returned to the Light. What more, Bastila Force bond with Revan is what ends up moncler online store causing this.Given that Rey already has a Force bond with Kylo / Ben, she already halfway there.The plot is scripted that Darth Malak ultimately turns Bastila to the Dark Side, the force bond with Revan helps in weakening her resolve. So, in a way, I suppose you help her fall to the Dark Side just by sharing a Force bond. (GameFAQs)Another Redditor also pointed out:Her cheap moncler jackets mens [romantic and sexual] feelings for Revan, combined moncler usa with the self hatred for failing the Jedi Code [and everything she believed in], and falling in love with the former Dark Lord of the Sith, fueled her already existing self deception.You either choose, as Revan in the game, to join Bastila on the Dark Side, or to «save» her, and bring her back to the Light. However, it also clear that Revan love / feelings for Bastila is what motivates this. I wouldn be surprised if Rey ended up going down moncler sale online a similar path as Bastila.Also, another Reddit user explained Bastila fall to the Dark Side ocurring moncler outlet prices for the following reason(s) moncler womens jackets as uk moncler outlet well:If people are constantly telling you you «great and gifted» (Bastila Jedi teachers), and now you the sole reason this billions of people discount moncler jackets in an organization (the Republic) is holding out against the Sith Empire, who are doing horrible things (compare wiping out a planet to basically genocide, as we don have anything to compare it do directly), and trying to destroy everything that what you think is good.Like it or not, you gonna get a massive amount of arrogance [from that]. Justified or not, everyone admits Bastila was the reason the Republic was still in war, and she considered «legendary» (even calls her it) by a war hero (Carth).Take that, and mix it, in with a few weeks of constant torture when you already feel the Jedi Council were holding you back, constantly telling you that they are, and they don want you to realize your full potential. You gonna break.Remember, in KOTOR 2, Atton admits that the Sith were masters at turning Jedi into Sith, especially using Dark Side worlds (Unknown world is pretty damn Dark Side, given what the Rakata did, and being right in the vicinity of the Star Forge, which is fueled by the Dark Side).So Bastila breaks, as, obviously, anyone would do. You believe everyone else is now weak, through the Sith are playing up your arrogance and uk moncler sale a twisted belief that the Jedi held you back. You moncler uk outlet not gonna care much about Juhani, who you see as so weak, that she couldn even realise her full (tiny though it is, in Bastila eyes) potential, because they believed in her eyes the lies the Jedi Council had been telling her. Juhani is everything at that point she can stand.The woman doesn give a shit if you were her friend [or not]. Snoke turns Rey to his side and orders her to kill Kylo, who escapes in the midst of Rey reluctance to kill him. Kylo rejoins the light side, and Rey is fully consumed by darkness. Snoke is more fleshed out as a character and has a tight grip on Rey. Nobody in the resistance is happy to see Kylo but they need each other so they reluctantly join forces. She is just fighting to fight.I think you right that she dangerous. Go back and watch the fight in Snoke throne room. Kylo fights with an almost calm determination. It Rey who fights with a barely controlled animalistic rage.This is what you would expect of their characters, since Kylo has years of training and Rey has been training for less than a week. But it the opposite of how you expect them to fight based on their force alignments moncler jackets.