Spindly arms of sea canada goose outlet store fungus and

Archeologist u

A cruise ship bobs gently on the ocean canada goose outlet uk cheap canada goose uk sale off the Florida Coast.

«You Idiot!» Julie was canada goose black friday sale furious.

«Honey, I just bought those! They were great and you go and uk canada goose outlet slap them off my head! They’re probably at the canada goose outlet canada Canada Goose Jackets bottom of the Canada Goose Online ocean by now.» Jim’s dismay had come after canada goose https://www.officialcanadagoosesoutlet.ca outlet online a quick purchase from a Canada Goose online man who had noticed he was wearing no sunglasses.

«I hope they are! Be like me and don’t talk to strange men on cruise ships.» Julie Canada Goose sale stormed off somewhat wobbly from what had just happened.

Jim stared at the ocean canada goose outlet uk wonder if Julie meant she wouldn’t be talking to him for the rest of the cruise.

Months later on canada goose outlet a Florida beach

Seashells, canada goose canada goose uk black friday outlet black friday seaweed and sand as far as canada goose coats the eye can see. A canada goose factory sale walk on the beach is always a mystery waiting to be answered. Beach combing is what the weekend tag sale obsessed do on vacation. canada goose clearance Archie was buy canada goose jacket of the afflicted and away from his weekend passion, padded around the canada goose uk outlet seaside condo like a puppy, waiting for Annie to finish applying sunblock for the first walk of their vacation.

«Are canada goose clearance sale you buy canada goose jacket cheap ready!?» Archie begged.

«Hold your horses, the beach isn’t going anywhere.» Annie was thorough in her attempts to ward off the suns rays.

«Neither are we. Come on.» Archie canada goose jacket outlet was waffling between sarcasm and urgency.

Early morning walks canada goose on the beach are best for canada goose outlet sale goose outlet canada the combers and Archie, a man in his mid 50’s, was aware of canada goose outlet online uk the early bird philosophy. While hypnotic to some, the crashing of the waves represented the endless repeat of random opportunity. The sand, a reset of canada goose uk shop canada goose outlet sale all the troubles in the world, for all Archie needed to do was consider the number of grains on the beach and the world went back to being a much larger canada goose outlet reviews thing than any canada goose outlet store uk of his tiny problems.

Against those countless grains of sand lay the things that didn’t fit. The flotsam and official canada goose outlet jetsam of the careless. Archie looked for those out of place things whose story could be told and if not placed in a proper garbage pail at the entrance to the beach.

The sunglasses canada goose coats on sale were half buried among dried seaweed and other natural detritus. As Archie bent to pick them up he could see they had been in the water for some time until they landed here. Spindly arms of sea canada goose outlet store fungus and canadian goose jacket the tunnels of burrowing sea worms had mostly canada goose outlet shop taken over the once high priced shades. These could be cleaned off canada goose outlet canada goose black friday sale toronto factory but it was the missing right arm that made Archie’s wife exclaim,

«Leave those there, Archie.»

He couldn’t. As the two continued walking Archie absentmindedly began to rub the glasses between his thumb and fingernails chipping away the encrustations and slowly canada goose outlet nyc revealing the true color and style of the specs.

This was not meant to be a long walk just a warm up for a day in the sun and as they turned canada goose outlet parka around Archie said, «Look at them now!»

Archie held them up Canada Goose Outlet hoping to impress the un impressable.

«Broken, as usual.» She said.

Undaunted, cheap Canada Goose Archie gave one last dust off and placed them, albeit akimbo, on his head.

» These are gre » In mid sentence Archie jumped at his wife’s reaction.

«Archie!!!» The unimpressed was now in shock.

To Archie the world canada goose outlet jackets looked fine, better than fine it looked like a painting, yet there were no shadows. To Annie, there was nothing. The world had suddenly been washed in Vanta Black there was no depth or dimension, the only orientation left was sound and gravity.

«Annie, you gotta see this! Annie? canada goose outlet in usa what’s the matter?» Archie could only make out the shrieks of a panic attack, something his wife had only experienced once before on a theme park ride.

Gasping, Annie finally yelled out, «T take them off! Archie! Take them off!

Once removed from his Canada Goose Parka head everything went back to normal, canada goose outlet new york city somewhat. Sirens could be heard and small plumes of smoke could be seen rising from the street over the boardwalk. The small uk canada goose number of walkers and morning joggers were on the ground holding their heads and tending to other who fell canada goose factory outlet canada goose store from disorientation.

Archie stood there mouth o gape trying to assess what had just happened. Annie, with reflexes like Archie had never seen, slapped the glasses from Canada Goose Coats On Sale Archie’s hand. Grabbing a piece of driftwood she began smashing the glasses repeatedly until only shards began to disappear beneath the sand.