That 49 day bender I mentioned earlier was from the day he

Inside the ‘scariest place on Earth’: Sweeping landscapes. Rolling in the shallows! Pensioner pair battle against. The rotten apple! New York City tops list of America’s. We noted that there is a passel of Chinese cooks preparing these dim sum and dumplings in the kitchen. The Hakka Steamed Dim sum platter ($28) offers some exotic choices: a black pepper duck dumpling, scallop sui mai, Har gau and Chinese chive dumplings. (I still think the skin on the pan seared Shanghai dumplings ($12) is a little tough, my complaint from last year, but David offered to take them home.) Victoria then brought the much heralded Crispy Duck Salad ($28), another McTaggart favorite, with its pomegranate, pine nuts and shallots amidst the duck slivers and greens..

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