The arms deal roared back onto the political agenda after the

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replica canada goose jackets If the light dims or goes out when you operate the starter, the battery is discharged. Check the starter connections to be sure they are securely tightened. Do not push or pull the vehicle to start it.. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA $15 billion contract signed under the previous government to supply Saudi Arabia with light armoured canada goose sale military vehicles won’t be revisited after the execution of dozens of prisoners in that country, the foreign minister says.Sheik Nimr al Nimr, a prominent Shia cleric, was one of 47 prisoners recently executed by Saudi Arabia.»We have said during the campaign the prime minister has been very clear that we will not cancel this contract or contracts that have been done under the previous government in general,» Stphane Dion said Tuesday in an interview with Rosemary Barton on CBC’s Power and Politics.»We’ll review the process by which these contracts are assessed in the future. But what is done is done and the contract is not something that we’ll revisit,» Dion said.ANALYSIS The Saudis just made a bad situation so much worse: Brian StewartHow Saudi Arabia, and a $15B armoured vehicle deal, became an election issueIran’s president says Saudi Arabia can’t hide ‘crime’ by cutting tiesCanadian diplomats downplayed Nimr al Nimr death sentence in 2014, documents suggestThe issue of whether Canada should sell military equipment to a country with such a poor human rights record was a subject of debate during the last federal election campaign. The arms deal roared back onto the political agenda after the most recent executions in Saudi Arabia were announced over the weekend.Activists in Canada fear that the light armoured vehicles (LAVs), being manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems in London, Ont., could be used by the Saudi regime to carry out further violence against its own people.’I’d sign it again today,’ Baird saysBut former foreign affairs minister John Baird said in a separate interview with Barton that the multi billion dollar deal has merit.Baird said while Canada and Saudi Arabia «share many different values» there are also common interests replica canada goose jackets.