The Court’s cases have repeatedly stated that ‘one person’s

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cheap iphone Cases If the legislature determines there are substantial reasons for the exercise of the taking power, courts must defer to the legislature’s determination that the taking will serve a public use.The Court held that the takings to correct concentrated property ownership was a legitimate public purpose.Limitations of the decision[edit]The decision, though, placed limits on the power of the government, stating:A purely private taking could not withstand the scrutiny of the public use requirement; it would serve no legitimate purpose of government and would thus be void. The Court’s cases have repeatedly stated that ‘one person’s property may not be taken for the benefit of another private person without a justifying public purpose, even though compensation be paid.’However, the aftermath of the Midkiff decision failed to achieve the stated purpose of the redistribution legislation. It could not create new housing because it transferred title from the land lessor only to the lessee homeowners who already occupied existing homes on the subject property cheap iphone Cases.