«The Emporer’s New Clothes’ is very apt

New Clothes and Student Poetry

To Be or NotBesides all that, I usually have the impression that most of them are very closely canadian goose jacket related https://www.officialcanadagoosesoutlet.ca to the tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

People tend to hold purportedly finely woven fabrics in awe, fearing that others will view them as inferior and stupid if they admit to seeing nothing special.

Not that all contemporary poetry is meant to be understood. On the contrary, I believe that the much of it is deliberately obscure. Perhaps it has meaning for the poet, perhaps not, uk canada goose and perhaps the poet couldn’t care less if it communicates to others. The purpose of poetry. at least some poetry, may be just to Be.

Near the closing weeks of the canada goose clearance sale class the professor asked us to compose poems of our own which might or might not reflect the style of a particular poet.

Students would then receive copies of the booklet and be given time to draw conclusions about which poems were canada goose factory sale student work and which were well known poets.

We would be asked to identify, if we could, which poem was by Tennyson, or Dickinson, or cummings, or Plath, or Ginsberg, or a number of other well known poetic giants.

Not being in the habit of writing poetry, I decided I would test my E N C theory and write something very obscure, meaningless and contradictory. My intention was to put senseless garbage uk canada goose outlet into written form which looked like it might mean something.

Much to my delight, my poem was chosen for the booklet. To my further delight, most class members pegged it as «not student work» though there seemed to be no consensus on whose it might be.

I felt like the top of my Canada Goose Jackets head would pop off if I Canada Goose sale didn’t allow myself Canada Goose Online to canada goose laugh, but I somehow remained calm.

My theory was canada goose clearance proved., Unless perhaps an evil muse had slipped unbidden into my consciousness.

I can remember composing the poem while walking across campus to my next class and repeating lines in my head then Canada Goose Coats On Sale changing them, twisting them into unrelated, improbable thoughts and images.

Would anyone be so childishly bold and wise as to say buy canada goose jacket cheap this canada goose black friday sale was rubbish? Some may have thought it, but canada goose store none were objective and innocent enough to voice the thought. If I hadn’t been so painfully shy, I probably should have stood up and said,»I think this is a student poem, and as much as I regret insulting a Canada Goose Outlet fellow classmate, it is canada goose uk outlet garbage.»

I’m sure such a statement would have shocked the room. I wish I had done it, even though I later found out the professor thought it was good… canada goose coats on sale When it comes to poetry I sometimes think rubbish rules, Or perhaps I’m too dense to appreciate some of it. My ‘poetry’, including my childrens book, is usually rhythmic rhyme without much hidden meaning. I struck out there, even though children, teachers and librarians have loved it.

I appreciate your read and comment. The Emporer was a narcissistic idiot.

John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

I know this is a comment out of the blue on a hub that is 6 years canada goose uk black friday old but it’s good to,keep them canada goose coats alive especially buy canada goose jacket one as good and relevant as canada goose uk shop this. I often read poetry that I think is utter garbage, whether it cheap Canada Goose be by world famous poets or other poet Canada Goose online wannabes like myself. Oh there are always wonderful comments that endeavour to expound the message within the poem as if the reader has magic glasses that let them read between the lines. «The Emporer’s New Clothes’ is very apt. I never studied poetry past high school and although I love it I don’t follow all the rules and like to have a message that people can understand. canada goose store Why write anything that people only pretend to understand. I had a similar experience to you.

Disillusioned 4 years ago from Kerala, India

You are mischievous and intelligent!

Cat 5 cheap canada goose uk years ago from New York

That’s hard to say, but I think some of them may be written without Canada Goose Parka even the poet knowing what they mean or after a mind alteration of some kind.