The fact that you want to cut down on people pointing out

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canada goose coats I don think the sub has gone to shit. I think it a stupid idea Canada Goose online of a sub and people post all kinds of random videos that, because of the Canada Goose Outlet wide net this sub casts, tangentially relates. Asian skits, parkour stunts, kids fucking around, all kinds of stuff fits in this sub.When you have such a canada goose lax filter ( a very non specific sub ) of course stupid shit cheap Canada Goose is going to slip through. The only way to fix this sub is better content moderation. That way you don have the two Asian guys that do random dumb skits on top day in and day out. I still enjoy most of the posts even if they don fit.The 2nd was REALLY getting on my canada goose uk outlet nerves frequently and made me think of unsubing multiple times.But since the bot came, i actually like the bot saying it and i don even mind the user comments canada goose coats that state the same. It has improved my experience with the sub greatly. I love it!PLEASE LET canada goose uk shop IT STAY!!!!And as a bonus, i love how people are annoyed by canada goose uk black friday itYeah, four hours later the posts canada goose store on the front page changed. Keen observation.And that’s a hell of a Canada Goose Coats On Sale thing to say from a person who literally stickies a comment on every single thread in his sub bitching about his user base. Again, canada goose factory sale like my first comment said, if your solution uk canada goose to the problem is to whine and complain that people point the problem out, then uk canada goose outlet you’re shit at your job.If you’re so confident no such videos actually exist, shut down the worthless pile of garbage that is canada goose clearance this sub. If you canada goose clearance sale think there is an opportunity to have a better sub, fucking moderate better and work towards it. You weren buy canada goose jacket around before the automod. It has actually cut down a TON of those comments, which are toxic and prevent people from posting. Now Canada Goose sale with that automod cutting down on toxic user comments, more and Canada Goose Parka more people Canada Goose Jackets are posting stuff than ever before. People are saying that this sub is dying thanks to the automod but looking at the traffic stats, we never been busier. January was the most page visits and subscribers we ever had. You’ve never been busier and the content has never been worse. It’s just /r/videos and /r/gifs. People should be telling the posters that their content is garbage if their content is garbage. Now no one tells them except a stupid bot which they ignore because it’s on every post, and the content is all completely irrelevant.The fact that you want to cut down on people pointing out canada goose coats on sale the problem, instead of cutting down the problem, is fucking buy canada goose jacket cheap dumb and poor moderation. How are you not getting this? How many different ways do you need it explained? Who gives a shit how busy the sub is, it’s shittier than ever. Do you want a busy sub or a good sub? Note that that was rhetorical as the answer is pretty obvious. The canada goose outlet numbers are more important than canadian goose jacket the content.hurr but it doesn’t matter because it’s all just jokes, Canada Goose Online that makes me immune from criticismlol we agree to disagree. Let me know when you get a large sub. I be happy to tell you how everything you doing is wrong. I much rather have a sub with tons of content (that canadagooseuk users could make their own subjective decision that the content is shitty or not) than an overly moderated sub with 1 approved video per month. Also, you STILL haven contributed anything other than bitching. Where are these vids from the front page that should be here? It was only 4 hours ago, right? Can you find them? Didn think so.Again, it not hard to ignore a bot. But. The bot comments take the place of the redditors who would otherwise be saying that. It not the bots fault and it not the fault of the people who would normally be saying what the bot it that people still are cluelessly posting «omg why were they even canada goose black friday sale filming». Because that literally the point of this sub. I feel like the token «why were they filming» is like, automatically implied once you here, and if you have to question that, you missed something canada goose coats.