The Mall/Market shuttle also goes to Wegmans and Tops

Some questions about dorm

Edit: Just a little formatting and the following disclaimer: I did not stay in Ellicott. I visited friends in various buildings, I spent the night, and I work at the Call Center in Porter, but the following rings true for Governors:The mattresses are, as far as I know, all Twin XL or «long twin» or «college twin.» Basically, it your standard width twin size canada goose store mattress, a couple inches longer so your feet don hang off the edge.The mattress itself is the industrial come hell or high water indestructo mattress, it not the most comfortable, buy canada goose jacket but it feel that way eventually. If you want to make it more comfortable, bring a mattress pad. Otherwise, the fabric on the mattress is practically rubber, almost shower curtain like. Not comfy if you haven got thick canada goose coats sheets, Canada Goose Coats On Sale or a mattress pad of some sort. I reccommend the pillow top pads, canada goose uk shop but I heard good things about the egg crate foam ones, as well as memory Canada Goose Outlet foam.The dorms are kept fairly warm, especially if you on a canadian goose jacket floor any higher than two or three. Heat rises, and even on the third floor, my room mate and I had the window open year round.You probably won need a very canada goose factory sale thick blanket or comforter, but bring one if you can, or bring several somewhat warm blankets, canada goose uk outlet double or triple up if you need to.The showers in Ellicot, if I recall correctly, are not attached to the rooms. You canada goose clearance sale have to leave your room, walk down the Canada Goose online hall a few meters, and enter the bathroom. Bring a bathrobe, or wrap a towel around yourself, since some people just can appreciate nudity.Also, bring a shower caddy or basket of some sort Canada Goose Online to Canada Goose Jackets put your uk canada goose outlet soap, shampoo, shaving needs and whatever else you need into. It much easier to grab that and go shower than trying to hold Canada Goose Parka all that stuff in your arms and hands while still holding a towel to your waist.Slippers/flip flops are also a comfort, since the floors aren always going to be the cleanest, and can sometimes be slippery when wet.The showers are all individual, and have their own curtains, so it not the prison style group shower. In fact, it a two curtain system usually, so you pull curtain one canada goose behind you, and you have your own canada goose uk black friday changing area with towel hooks, then you step into the shower, and pull the cheap canada goose uk second curtain. Like I said, some people can appreciate the nudity, and they scared of people accidentally seeing their netherbits, so the two curtain system is in place for those individuals.There no timer on the showers, there always hot water, and there some sinks and a big mirror for shaving, zit popping, hair combing, and intellectual canada goose clearance reflection, with or without monologue.Don go to the bathroom without your key. You never know if your room mates will lock the door and leave, and if they not in the room, I lock the door if you buy canada goose jacket cheap leaving the room even just for a uk canada goose piss. Bette safe than sorry.The nearest mall to UB is the Boulevard Mall, there is a free UB Mall/Market shuttle that will drop you off and pick you up on Wednesdays and canada goose coats on sale Saturdays, starting at 4PM and ending at 8PM, arriving in 45 minute cheap Canada Goose intervals.The Mall/Market shuttle also goes to Wegmans and Tops, popular grocery stores. There a lot of shopping opportunities in the surrounding area, so if those stores and those in the mall don meet your Canada Goose online needs, you can walk to a different store.Asian specialty groceries are scattered all over the place. I personally frequent Super Bazaar on the corner of Sheridan and Bailey, it a canada goose black friday sale 10 minute walk Canada Goose sale from Wegmans.You also want to get a fridge, and a lamp. microwaves are prohibited, but there a common kitchen on every other floor.