The NPPA also saw unprecedented success in the courts with its

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Wholesale Replica Bags Under Singh, NPPA slashed has prices of coronary stents by over 85 percent last year in a move to improve access to the life saving devices, meant to prevent heart attacks.Later last year, NPPA also used its emergency powers to fix maximum prices and trade margins of knee implants bringing down their prices by up to 78 percent.The NPPA also saw unprecedented success in the courts with its stands vindicated by favourable judgments passed by the Supreme Court and High Courts.NPPA took a proactive step of collecting bills from some hospitals in the NCR region after complaints by patients.The bills highlighted exorbitant margins that hospitals were charging patients for various drugs, consumables and medical devices.Another source, who tracks the NPPA, compared the move of transferring Singh to NACWC to sending him to «Kalapani» an isolated colonial prison in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.Even his colleagues at Department of Pharmaceuticals, under Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers weren’t happy as NPPA was overriding their mandate at times.The All India Drugs Action network (AIDAN), a group of healthcare focused NGOs, has expressed concern over the transfer and asked the government to reconsider its decision.»We are deeply concerned about the manner and timing of the transfer of Bhupendra Singh, Chairman, NPPA, a move which seriously impacts public interest particularly when measures are being taken to plug unethical profiteering,» said AIDAN in a statement.AIDAN recollected a similar move to replace Injeti Srinivas even before the completion of one year following the price regulation decision he took of critical cardiac and diabetes medicines through public interest of the DPCO.»We fear that Mr. Singh’s transfer is total disregard to the public interest is due to the pressure from the industry and corporate hospital lobby. The pharmaceutical industry has long sought to Replica Handbags undermine and weaken the NPPA in order to enable uninhibited profiteering and circumvention of the law.»The final precipitating factor, we believe, was the report analysing bills of four patients and which exposed the gross overcharging and misconduct of private hospitals. Wholesale Replica Bags

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