The problem with this game is that the ratio of time:money is

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moncler coats cheap Honestly NCWest is just trying to milk the remaining playerbase for all they can before the population inevitably dies out. moncler usa There uk moncler sale have already been waves of people leaving after moncler outlet store each bad decision they make and the way the market is right now, moncler outlet online it only going to get worse. At this point, anyone who is still around after these next few weeks are gonna stay around anyway regardless of what NCwest does kinkhost from here on out. Anything from here on out is icing on the cake for them. I can only do the bare minimum on bns if I login and I only login because my friend still does dailies on it. I also switched over to FFXIV after being away for 6 months and it feels so refreshing. Community is a lot more friendly as well and dungeon runs aren just dps fests with impatient people who never talk other than to complain about someone not loading. In FFXIV I did one of the newer 24 man cheap moncler jackets womens raids today and we kept wiping on the 2nd cheap moncler jackets mens boss (like 5 times) and still everyone stuck around and were trying to help eachother out. In BNS the moncler outlet whole party would disbanded after 2nd wipe. If moncler uk outlet all the ppl quit who were experiencing issues with the game, then this game would been completely dead a long time ago. moncler coats cheap

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moncler jackets kids I know I late but I actually met my current gf in bns and we been together for almost 2 years and we are going to move in together soon. But I didn go into the game looking for a relationship. She just asked me to help with a dungeon, then invited me into their clan, and joined their discord and after a while of playing cheap moncler jackets we hit it off well and I went to visit her a few months after that. I would say play the game for fun and if it happens, it happens but I never had any of those expectations and I wasn even gonna ever join a clan lol and thought I would just be a solo player mainly. moncler jackets kids

cheap moncler jackets outlet To answer your other question, I think it good to have moncler sale online someone who atleast has played games before. But it can be tricky because the person may like bns but they could dislike all the other games that you like. My girlfriend for example likes bns, dragon nest, and a few others but doesn really like other games I like and have discount moncler jackets tried to get her into (like ffxiv, smite, tera, overwatch, shooters, etc). So it kind of like music you can both like music and may both like one band, but could both have moncler outlet prices completely different tastes otherwise. Luckily for us, we both are really into asian culture, anime, dramas, movies and other stuff, so most of the time these days we don even play games. But it cheap moncler coats mens still fun whenever we do. You could tell Tarik was kind of blindsided by the whole thing and was upset with the decision and how it was handled. I like the guys on SK, but they are pretty much c9 biggest rival and it seems like they played eachother every other week. Now to have them have to play eachother and c9 kind of being a broken team atm because of stew and ska, makes me feel even worse for tarik and them. I really hope they can get some decent replacements and can take sk down. Idk seems a little fishy especially after reddit was posting all over about how «inactive he was on csgo» the last few days. It seemed like nobody was ever outside and there were 2 plots of land that people bought and never built on. Not to mention it always seemed like it was foggy or raining when I would go to moncler online store the area. Overall I like my plot and house, but I think the other housing areas are just as good, if not better than shirogane. It just harder to find plots in the other areas since they more established/older. But I like having a house and an apartment so far apart since it makes traveling cheaper. cheap moncler jackets outlet

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moncler coats for kids I think the game uk moncler outlet is definitely pay to progress and possibly p2w depending on your definition. The problem with this game is that the ratio of time:money is so ridiculously lopsided moncler sale at this point, that there almost no point in farming for anything. Soo many people I know quit this game because of that alone. There moncler womens jackets was a point when it wasn like that. But the more things they added to the cash shop, the higher the upgrade costs (premium transformation stones especially when the transmuting could fail, etc), the worst it got. I could literally farm for weeks worth cheap moncler sale of playing, or could just buy transformation stones when they in the store and I be wayy further than the person who farmed without playing a minute. If they didn have all the items in the cash shop(and being able to sell them), then they have to lower the price of upgrades or best moncler jackets else most people would quit. I think moncler outlet sale the only reason the upgrade prices are as high as they are is because they want you to feel that you need to pay in order to progress, otherwise you will be left behind. Especially in things like 6v6 where it just whale p2p exclusive content at this point. I understand it from NCSOFT moncler sale outlet perspective, and from the whale perspective for people who have money to spend and not much time. But for everyone else, it sucks. moncler coats for kids

moncler jackets cheap I actually thought about this last week very seriously and decided to stop spending money on bns. I still pop in to do dailies and stuff every once in a while but I since started playing other games that I own but never got around to. You moncler outlet woodbury right though, there are so many great games that you can get for even under 20 bucks. It not as rewarding shelling out 10 20 dollars for rng boxes or to get to your next weapon/accessory upgrade. Whats the point really. Bns has fun combat and I like it aesthetics but other than that it not fun playing the same game all the time and doing the same dungeons over and over to farm. You only have so long to live in your life, why spend so much of it just experiencing a single game that you will eventually move on from anyway and all the money spent will just go into the mmo graveyard moncler jackets cheap.