The Routledge Handbook of Language and Identity is an

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Question Options:
1) Prime Minister’s Employment Plan
2) National Rural Livelihood Mission. 3) Jawahar Village Samrudhi Yojana. 4) Total Rural Employment Scheme
Correct Answer: National Rural Livelihood Mission
Question Options: 1) Kabaddi
2) Cricket
3) Javelin throwing
4) Wrestling
Correct Answer: Throwing spear
Question Options : 1) Coal
2) Petroleum
3) Natural Gas 4) Fuel Correct Answer: Fuel Question Question: 1) Germany 2) Portugal 3) Frans
4) United King Dump
Correct Answer: Frans

Question Options:
1) Taiwanese practice and worldview
2) Chinese custom and world cosmology 3) Japanese customs and globalization 4) Vietnamese Tradition and Worldview — Correct Answer: Chinese Traditions and World Chess
Question Options:
1) Thyroid® 2) Insulin
3) Endrenaline
4) Progesterone
Correct Answer: Andrinalin
Question Options:
1) Hertz
2) Decible
3) Candella
4) Mac — Correct Answer: Candle
Question Options:
1) Pipeline Transforms the order of right / right access to operands.

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