The second Manmohan Singh government dished out Rs 600 billion

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replica handbags online She got gospelly with trills and testifying, soaring to raise the roof heights, and also showed restraint and subtlety at times. One thing she doesn rein in is her personality. She chatty Patti, very in the moment. Now we have a bigger plan involving much more money than before, and another set of bells and whistles for reform.This time the package will work, it is said. One hopes it will. But someone defined lunacy as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.Meanwhile, as the scale of the problem has grown, so have the hand outs.The second Manmohan Singh government dished out Rs 600 billion as fresh capital for government banks.In 2015, the Narendra D Modi government announced a further Rs 700 billion, of which more than Rs 500 billion has already been given.Five months ago, the government announced a further Rs 1.35 trillion, to be handed out this and next year (yet more money would be raised from the market).Over a decade, the banks will thus have taken Rs 2.65 trillion as additional capital from the government.With more than half that money already paid, guess what the market value of these banks is today, leaving out the healthiest, which is State Bank of India?Just over Rs 2 trillion roughly the value of one private sector bank (ICICI Bank).This is value destruction on a colossal scale, and misdirection of public money, which could be better deployed elsewhere such as for health programmes.Experience shows that market based reform, like the new bankruptcy code, has a better chance of success than detailed bureaucratic stipulations for bankers.The government must find worthwhile private owners for some of the banks, increase the share of private sector banking in the system, and then ask the remaining government banks to face the discipline of the market and compete, or shrink into irrelevance replica handbags online.